The Expanse (2017) – Home, and Paradigm Shift

Eros has moved and is now on a direct course for Earth. And, somehow, it’s speeding up. The Rocinante pursues while its crew, and Miller (Thomas Jane), who is still on Eros, try to find a way to stop it in Home.

Written by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, this episode first aired on 22 February, 2017.

Holden (Steven Strait) and the rest of the Roci crew are pursuing Eros, while Miller, towing his active nuke with him explores the asteroid deeper, and makes some incredible discoveries.

On Earth, the UN council launches weapons to take out Eros before it can become an extinction-level event on Earth, but the rogue asteroid goes stealth, leaving everyone wondering what the hell is actually going on.

While evacuations begin, Miller discovers the consciousness of Julie Mao (Florence Faivre) at the heart of the protomolecule, as if the two are affecting each other. Warning Miller that she can’t stop ‘the work,’ Miller asks that perhaps she aim for Venus instead of Earth, despite the fact that she wants to go home.

As Eros speeds away from the Roci, Earth’s destruction hangs in the balance, and everyone realizes they are on the cusp of something new as Eros slams into Venus.

The politics and the actions at work in this episode make this one a very tense ride, the UN has to turn control of their launched missiles over to Johnson (Chad L. Coleman) when they lose target lock with Eros going stealth, and the actions of the Roci in her pursuit of Eros makes you realize that even though Holden, Naomi (Dominique Tipper), Amos (Wes Chatham) and Alex (Cas Anvar) may not always agree with Miller, he’s crew. He’s family.

And now, he, Julie and the protomolecule have crashed into Venus, for ‘the work.’

Paradigm Shift shows us the origin of the Epstein drive with a flashback to 137 years ago introducing us to Solomon Epstein (Sam Huntington) and some experiments he was conducting. And Holden and the Roci crew who arrive safely back on Tycho station learn that Johnson has been able to claim thirty of the nuclear missiles that Earth launched and didn’t destroy.

Written by Naren Shankar, this episode was first broadcast on 1 March, 2017.

Holden and the rest are less than impressed with Johnson, are seeing that Miller is already being turned into a hero, and are figuring out their next move.

On Earth Chrisjen (Shohreh Aghdashloo) finally confronts Sadavir (Shawn Doyle) about his loyalties while conferring with Dr. Iturbi (Ted Whittall) about getting an expedition to Venus to inspect the Eros impact site.

Draper (Frankie Adams) and her Martian Marines are on Ganymede, patroling the UN/Martian line, where tensions are high, and only escalate when an attack happens. Is it the UN attacking them? Are they attacking the Earth forces? There’s something going on, and there are automated drones leading the attack (meant to confuse both UN and Martian forces) and someone (something?) approaches Draper just as the episode ends.

I love how the series is taking its time, but it also makes me sad knowing the things we’ll never see since the episode only ran six seasons and there are so many things to come in the novel series. Still I can’t wait to see where they take the series next.


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