TAD 2022: International Shorts Program

Festival directors and Scotiabank Theatre invites After Dark fans to attend the International Shorts Progam this afternoon. Take in an offering of strange and unusual entries from around the world that will bemuse, beguile and befuddle.

Bug Bites, directed by Daniel DelPurgatori is a bizarre little short about what we are led to believe, initially is a bed bug infestation that then goes into WTF territory that will leave everyone, even the cast wondering what the hell?

Mantra created by Stef Meyer and Pascal Bourelier continues with the bug idea by giving us a tale about a bug collector, his partner, and her increasing connection to his praying mantis. Moody, and well-shot, this French short is an intrigue.

O from Dominik Balkow is a surreal black-and-white entry for the festival that takes us on a journey through addiction and how it becomes self-destructive as it overpowers common sense and rationality.

Role Play by Bill Neil is a disturbing one-night stand encounter that is completely terrifying, incredibly well-edited, constructed and completely unnerving. A fave!

Shut from the Netherlands was directed by Niels Bourgonje and is a troubling look at an elderly man who hasn’t been visited by family for awhile, and now lives in a distracted and very troubled state. Or is he? There are a couple of suggestions that maybe he’s seeing real things. Has he been infected with something? Or has he simply begun to succumb to some illness which is claiming him?

Smile from Ryan Joseph McDuffie is a two minute wonder that with its quick runtime leaves you wondering what the hell you just watched, and it may make you reconsider reaching for that coffee cup.

The Blood of the Dinosaurs by Joesph Badoo takes us even deeper into bizarro territory as a kid’s show host teaches his viewers where oil comes from. It’s out there, uncomfortable and dances around sensitive subject matter. Alternately funny and disconcerting.

Tistlebu from Simon M. Valentine follows a young couple who plan to help out at a farm in the countryside to reconnect with nature, without understanding what nature really is. A strange final entry in the After dark shorts program.

Tonight join attendees for the closing night screenings, and perhaps I will see you After Dark!


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