Fringe (2012) – A Short Story About Love, and Nothing As It Seems

J.H. Wyman and Graham Roland deliver A Short Story About Love which first aired on 23 March, 2012.

While Olivia (Anna Torv) and Lincoln (Seth Gabel) investigate a case that sees a killer attempting to re-experience a moment of love by dehydrating husbands and using their pheromones to seduce their wives before killing them, Peter (Joshua Jackson) makes some discoveries of his own.

After Walter (John Noble) tells him to stay away from Olivia, and not hurt her romantically, Peter decides to skip town, but it seems September (Michael Cerveris) left something in Peter’s eye before he died.

This clue leads Peter to September’s apartment, where the spartan lifestyle reveals some unusual tech, and ultimately a message and reveal…

Peter doesn’t have to get back to his own timeline. He’s in his own timeline, he was just erased from it. But because those who loved him, loved him so much, the Observers were unable to erase him completely, so the worries about Olivia losing herself as other memories and experiences resurface are kind of for naught, she’s simply reverting to who she was.

But she will lose who she currently is, even as she embraces who she was, which is what happens at the end of the episode when both Peter and she are reunited. Poor Lincoln though, he’d been developing lots of feelings for Olivia, and now they are going to go nowhere.

So he’s where he’s supposed to be, now we just have to deal with David Robert Jones (Jared Harris), the shapeshifters, and whatever the plan is there.

Nothing As It Seems was penned by Jeff Pinkner and Akiva Goldsman. It was first broadcast on 30 March, 2012.

The episode connects back to the first season episode, The Transformation, even going so far as to recreate a number of the episode’s sequences in the teaser before playing out in a different way.

While Olivia deals with the returning memories, and the loss of her new ones, Broyles (Lance Reddick) puts her on temporary leave. Lincoln and Peter have to handle the case, which Peter recalls as well, but it may be Olivia’s memories that help them with it.

Unfortunately through the course of events, Lincoln becomes infected with a virus, and Walter has to work to save him. Lincoln is infected with the virus that transformed the man into a giant porcupine creature. But that is only the tip of the iceberg of what the creature is, and can do.

Peter remembers that the man had a partner, and they work to track him down and surprise, surprise, the path leads back to Massive Dynamic and a project that David Robert Jones was working on.

Will the team be able to stop the creature that is on the loose and find a way to save Lincoln before he begins his own transformation.

And even if they are able to stop one creature, what’s to stop any of Jones’ other acolytes from infecting themselves to become these beings? As the episode ends we get a glimpse of a cuneiform-marked cargo ship filled with a variety of creatures… what is Jones up to?

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