Fringe (2011) – Alone in the World, and Subject 9

As his visual and auditory hallucinations continue, Walter (John Noble) feels like he may be going insane, and even goes so far as to consult Dr. Sumner (William Sadler). At the same time, Olivia (Anna Torv) and Lincoln (Seth Gabel) investigate a strange case that sees two bullies dying, and a lonely boy, Aaron (Evan Bird) that may have a connection to the killer, which is not what they expect.

Alone in the World was written by David Fury, and first debuted on 7 October, 2011.

I do like the fact that with all the problems that Walter is dealing with, and the new existence due to Peter’s (Joshua Jackson) disappearance, Astrid (Jasika Nicole) gets out in the field more. What they discover is a strange fungi, that spreads spores, is somehow one large single organism, and is connected to Aaron.

Broyles (Lance Reddick)is worried about a massive infection and outbreak, and despite the connection between the boy and the organism, he orders it to be killed. But that may not work. But what if the organism stikes back, determined to live?

Walter is racing against time to save the boy, and those who are infected, which may very soon include Lincoln and Olivia. Walter makes a connection with Aaron, and at one point refers to him as Peter, whose reflection he continues to see around the lab.

It’s a fun little episode that features a bit of a monster of the week but also continues to move the mythology arc, as the episode comes to a horrific conclusion with Walter attempting to lobotomize himself to stop his insanity.

Olivia stops him and reveals that she’s been dreaming of the same person that Walter is seeing everywhere… Peter.

Subject 9 was written by Jeff Pinkner, J.H. Wyman and Akiva Goldsman and debuted on 14 October, 2011.

A strange energy force, which has the side-effect of attracting metallic objects seems to be fixated on Olivia. It also seems to have an effect on time. It puts Walter in mind of the experiments that he and Bell did, and he believes that Subject 9, who was capable of astral projection (with metallic attraction as a side-effect) may be the cause.

Olivia and Walter (who in this reality hasn’t left the lab in three years) hit the road together. And they hunt down Subject 9 aka Cameron James (Chadwick Boseman!!), but he reveals that he isn’t the one doing this. And this version of Walter has to confront the things he did to the children when he used the cortexiphan drug on them for his experiments.

Walter is also working on a way to capture this person that is haunting him and Olivia.

And the two storylines be may be connected, because when the energy source appears again, Olivia sees Peter in it. Despite not knowing who he is, and he finally pops back into reality (in the middle of a lake), seen by an Observer (Michael Cerveris).

He gets in touch with Fringe Division, and no one knows who he is, despite the fact that he knows everything about them.

So Peter’s back, but what happens now?

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