TIFF ’22: Women Talking

Writer-director Sarh Polley lends her powerful voice to bringing Miriam Toews’ brilliant and acclaimed novel to the screen. What Polley delivers is a stunning, conversation-starting piece that examines patriarchy, power, faith, hope, and dreams for the future.

In a remote Mennonite community, a gathering of women takes place to figure out their future. They’ve been raped, assaulted, and drugged by those in power, and now they are struggling to relate their faith with the world they find themselves in.

Each of them is passionate about their religion, but their abuse by those in control is finally too much and forces the women of the colony down one of three paths, stay and forgive, stay and fight, or leave.

Polley recruits a powerhouse cast to bring this important film to life including Rooney Mara, Claire Foy, Jessie Buckley, Ben Whishaw, Judith Ivey and Frances McDormand. As their fates are decided, pushed on by the ticking clock of the return of the men from town, where the woman’s abusers are currently being held, each one must confront the fate of their children, their loved ones, their religion and what it means to them.

Stunning, emotional and masterful, Polley delivers a masterclass on topics that need to be discussed, that need to be pulled to the forefront and examined. Filled with beauty, pain, love and the fight against those who would deny them peace, power, and even education, this is a film that will resonate, be spoken of, and used, like the novel, as a touchstone.

Women Talking screens on Tuesday the 13th and Wednesday the 14th at The Princess of Wales Screening Room, at the Royal Alexandra Theatre on Friday the 16th and the Lightbox on Saturday the 17th. This is a must-see!

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