TIFF ’22: Moonage Daydream

Moonage Daydream, a film by Brett Morgen, is a frenetic, fever dream glimpse into the life, music, and art of David Bowie. Clocking in at just over two hours, the archival collage of performances and interviews combine in a colourful, kaleidoscopic form that becomes an experiential event.

Morgen takes the viewer on a trippy exploration of Bowie, allowing the artist to lead the journey with his own words, as we follow his life and career. We see his assumption of his stage characters, and how he sees the world, how he took that and reflected it back in his own way, choosing to live an incredible life. Morgen’s film is filled with iconic songs, performances, and images that work hard to evoke the nature of the man.

Bowie has fascinated fans since he first appeared, but this time Morgen lets Bowie speaks for himself, guiding us through the stages of his career from performer to loving husband.

It’s a busy, frenetic film that doesn’t let up until the credits have ended, making the two-hour-plus film a loud, vibrant and experimental document. Obviously a labour of love, Morgen’s film is culled from hours of archival pictures, interviews, and musical performances and launches them to vibrant life to give an intimate look at the sly, erudite man who challenged a number of conceptions and standards, and always pushed himself to create more and more art.

It’s a fascinating exploration filled with split-second editing, stellar sounds, and perfectly chosen interviews. It becomes as much a piece of art as the artist it depicts, and that’s a fantastic way to honour the man, with sound and vision, Bowie Lives!

Moonage Daydream screens twice at TIFF, the first public screening is at the Cinesphere Monday the 12th, and the second is Wednesday the 14th at Scotibank Theatre.

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