Mission: Impossible (1973) – Incarnate, and Boomerang

Phelps (Peter Graves) and his IMF team pursue a criminal to the Caribbean in an attempt to discover the location of the gold bullion that she has hidden away somewhere State-side. She’s a little superstitious, so what better way to get her to crack than to have Barney (Greg Morris) and the rest hint at the paranormal and a voodoo curse.

Buck Houghton and Stephen Kandel penned the teleplay for this episode from a story by Houghton. It first debuted on 5 January, 1973.

Hannah O’Connel (Kim Hunter) has escaped to a remote island after hiding a massive heist of stolen gold. She killed her son, Robert (Solomon Sturges) to keep it safe. This is the in that the team needs, and with O’Connel’s arrival on the remote island, she is put up in an ancestral home, overseen by Casey (Lynda Day George) who imparts the paranormal history of the house.

Hannah’s other son, Thomas (Robert Hogan) doesn’t go in for all this stuff, but Casey may be able to win him over, but Hannah is getting pushed closer and closer to the edge.

Is everything going to go to plan or are there other forces at work? It’s a fun episode, anytime Greg Morris is given more to do is a good thing, and he gets to play a bit in this one.

In fact, he and George have the most to do in this episode, with Willy (Peter Lupus) and Phelps only appearing occasionally. Honestly, I’m okay with that, Barney has shown that he’s the best agent Phelps has so, of course, he should be used more.

Boomerang was written by Howard Browne and debuted on 12 January, 1973.

Phelps and his team are going after Eve Vayle (Laraine Stephens) a former mobster’s wife who has killed her husband, stolen his documents and plans to blackmail his former associates so that she can maintain her lifestyle, and stay safe.

Phelps comes up with the plan to make Eve believe that her husband, Johnny (Charles Guardino) is still alive, despite the fact that she oversaw his murder, and this will allow them to recover the documents and crack this corner of the Syndicate wide open.

Phelps does some snooping around, while Barney poses as a cop. Casey is in charge of masks and more as they gear up a replacement for Johnny. The team is more than up to the task to geet Eve to crack. This one doesn’t even feel like it’s that impossible a mission to begin with.

But I feel that way about most of the mob stories that show up in this series.

Still, it’s hard to believe we are racing towards not only the conclusion of season seven but of the series itself! Seven episodes left! What will the team get up to in those seven stories? I’ll find out as I continue to explore Mission: Impossible – The Complete Series on blu-ray, now available from Paramount Canada!

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