Fringe (2011) – Stowaway, and Bloodline

While Bell inhabits Olivia (Anna Torv), FBI agent Lincoln Lee (Seth Gabel) comes across the Fringe Division as they get pulled together on a case that centers around a young woman, Dana (Paula Malcomson) who seemingly can’t die.

Written by Danielle Displatro from a story by J.H. Wyman, Jeff Pinkner, and Akiva Goldsman, Stowaway first debuted on 18 March, 2011.

While Peter (Joshua Jackson) is less than happy with Bell taking over Olivia, Walter (John Noble) is delighted to be working with his old friend again. Broyles (Lance Reddick) and Peter are both adamant that they find a different home for Bell’s consciousness, but until then, Torv will get to continue doing her best Leonard Nimoy impression.

It’s interesting to see what Lincoln is like on this side knowing what his alternate is up to on the Other Side. The case is fascinating as well, as the group attempts to find out how Dana is surviving her brushes with death. She also seems to be very compassionate, working on a suicide hotline, and seemingly attempting to help people.

But is there more there?

Is it possible she hasn’t died because she is here for a purpose, to save not just a few lives but hundreds?

As the episode races to its conclusion, everyone seems to enjoy the interactions with Bell/Olivia, and Lincoln gets invited back (though whether that happens or not remains to be seen) but it’s obvious that Peter very much wants Olivia back, and we realize at the end of the episode that it may not be that easy.

Bloodline written by Alison Schapker and Monica Owusu-Breen takes us back to the other universe where Fauxlivia is dealing with her pregnancy, and what that will mean for her, Fringe, and Walter-nate.

First airing on 25 march, 2011, Fauxlivia is plunged into trouble right away as she returns from a check-up to be kidnapped. Lincoln and Charlie (Kirk Acevedo) work on tracking her down, not to mention who abducted her and why.

It seems whoever snatched Fauxlivia knew she was pregnant, and actually accelerates it, which terrifies her, and Lincoln, who has spoken to Olivia’s mother (Amy Madigan) because it seems in this universe Olivia’s sister died during childbirth, and so did the baby, due to a virus that seems to be in her genes.

But the accelerated pregnancy may be the key to surviving it, as Lincoln and our old friend Henry (Andre Royo) track her down just in time.

But now, there’s a Peter/Fauxlivia baby in the other universe, and Walter-nate may have him in hand. What does this child mean for the universes and will Peter and Olivia learn about him?

We are racing towards the conclusion of season three!

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