Fringe (2010) – The Abducted, and Entrada

Olivia (Anna Torv) knows who she is now, caught in the Other Universe but that’s not going to stop her from investigating a new case for Fringe Division in The Abducted. Written by David Wilcox and Graham Roland, this episode debuted on 18 November, 2010.

With the discovery of pieces of The Device in our reality, Water-nate (John Noble) decides they are almost done with Olivia, and advises Broyles (Lance Reddick) of this even as the team gets called in on a child abduction case committed by someone known as the Candy Man which has a connection to Broyles past.

As the hunt continues, Olivia also works on touching base with the taxi driver, Henry (Andre Royo) to help her finally escape.

Through the course of the investigation, Broyles realizes that Olivia is remembering who she is, but her work with his son and the child abduction changes his viewpoint on his intentions and allegiances.

She runs, and in a shocking conclusion, makes it back to our world. Before Walter-nate yanks her back, she’s able to pass on a message to Peter (Joshua Jackson), who is in bed with Fauxlivia. The message is ‘Olivia is trapped in the other universe.’

Fade to black!

I really enjoyed this episode, the way Olivia deals with the kids, the fringe element of the case, and her desire to get home all meld into a brilliant and solid episode that once again ups the stakes for these characters.

How’s it all going to play out?

Entrada picks up right where the previous episode closed off, with the phonecall Peter receives with information about Olivia being stuck in the other universe. Written by Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman, it first aired on 2 December, 2010.

The story slides back and forth between universes as Fauxlivia realizes Peter has discovered she’s not his Olivia and goes on the run, with Fringe Division in hot pursuit. In the other universe, they are preparing to return Olivia to her proper universe in exchange for their Olivia, but they’re going to operate on her (and probably kill her) before they return her in an attempt to understand and possibly replicate her power to move between universes.

Alternate Broyles finds himself wondering what the right course of action is, and despite the danger that it could put his world in, he begins to belive Olivia’s promise that the universes are not at war, and she will do her damnedest to find a way to repair the damage their universe has inflicted and perhaps find a way to live in peace, or at least blissful ignorance.

It’s a fast-moving episode and moves the characters and the narrative arcs forward, and leave the audience gasping for more.

Olivia returns to her universe, Fauxlivia escapes to hers, and we ar left to wonder what that means for the team when they are reunited. But she’s home!!

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