Fringe (2010) – Amber 31422, and 6955kHz

Josh Singer and Ethan Gross allow Olivia (Anna Torv) to explore more of the other universe in Amber 31422. It first aired on 4 November, 2010 and begins to really illustrate that the alternate universe is not really all that great. They may have technological advances that we don’t but there are some real problems there.

One that is dragged to the forefront is the use of Amber to contain Fringe events. Walter-nate (John Noble) has been keeping the fact that those trapped in amber are still alive, and possibly aware, something that is revealed when a pair of brothers, played by Shawn and Aaron Ashmore, become the central part of a case when one of them frees the other from amber to resume their life. One of them is a criminal, and one of them is a good family man. But one of them may finally be doing the right thing.

Through all of this Olivia’s visions of Peter (Joshua Jackson) continue, reminding her of who she really is, working at her subconscious, while Walter-nate is prepping Olivia to use her abilities to cross over to the other side.

Is she close to finally finding a way home? Is Peter getting through to her? Will Walter-nate be able to use her?

As cool as the twin story is, it’s much more fascinating to watch Olivia struggle with her awareness of who she is, and where. And as she slowly begins putting it together that Peter is telling the truth (or that part of her mind that is using her connection to Peter) she begins to keep secrets from Walter-nate…

6955kHz was written by Robert Chiappetta and Glen Whitman. It fist debuted on 11 November, 2010 and sees the series taking on the very real mystery of numbers stations. It seems a group of people listening to one on 6955kHz suffered a massive memory loss.

As Fringe investigates, Other Olivia continues her relationship with Peter (leaving us to wonder once again how much she cares for him, and how much she is using him), and Walter berates Peter for his continued work on investigating the pieces of the Device that the team has recovered.

The entire team attempts to figure out what is going on, what the numbers mean, and what these attacks on those listening is for. The team discovers a unique box containing a device that is causing the attacks, and Other Olivia knows who is triggering them, a shapeshifter (Kevin Weisman) from her side.

It’s Astrid (Jasika Nicole) who figures out what the numbers mean (she’s so awesome!), and the team runs them down… discovering buried pieces of the Device… one for their world.

On the other side, Olivia’s visions of Peter warns her that it is time to go, they don’t need her anymore, and trouble is coming…

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