Mission: Impossible (1972) – Cocaine, and Underground

William Shatner returns for another guest appearance in the episode, Cocaine. Written by Harold Livingston from a story by Norman Katkov. And while we’re getting excited over guest stars, Gregory Sierra pops up as well.

First airing on 21 October, 1972 this story sees Phelps (Peter Graves) and his IMF team going after the drug trade. They have targeted Carl Reid (Stephen McNally), who, sometime in the next 72 hours is bringing in a large shipment of cocaine.

They plan to go after Reid’s lieutenant, Joseph Conrad (Shatner), and convince him that they have a machine that can create perfect cocaine synthetically. If they can convince Conrad of its reality, they believe Conrad will want to take the machine and go into business for himself, pitting him against Reid.

Phelps has to establish his credentials first and does so with the help of Mimi (Barbara Anderson), who appeals to Conrad’s womanizing ways, but that’s just the first step along the way.

And so the con begins. With Barney (Greg Morris) playing a dirty cop, and Willy (Peter Lupus) playing a chemist, the IMF seems to be pulling out all the stops and doing their part to see no to drugs.

Yes, the IMF is taking on organized crime again, sure, this time it’s drug dealers, but it’s still crime. On the plus side, the episode has Shatner. And then just when you think it can’t get any better, as Conrad gets busted by Reid, and things start to go sideways, Charles Napier shows up as one of Reid’s thugs!!

It’s not my favorite episode, but the guest stars make this one really enjoyable!

Underground was written by Leigh Vance and first debuted on 28 October, 1972. Phelps goes undercover to bust open a gang that specializes in smuggling wanted criminals out of the country to places they can’t be extradited from.

One of their recent acquisitions, however, knows the location of twenty-seven million in Syndicate funds, and before they help me escape, they are going to torture and interrogate him, under the hand of Dr. Hargreaves (Peter Mark Richman), and learn the location of the cash.

Phelps is to pose as a doctor wanted for murder, and in need of relocation to approach the smuggling ring. His mission is to recover the escaped criminal and the funds as well as bring the smuggling ring down.

If he can withstand the torture himself.

Casey (Lynda Day George) is back for this episode, and Barney is sporting a mustache, but that won’t detract the team from completing its mission, and surging forward through the final season of Paramount Canada’s Mission: Impossible – The Complete Series, now available on blu-ray!

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