Event Horizon (1997) – 4K 25th Anniversary Edition Review

There’s something about Event Horizon. I saw it in the theatre during its original release, and it has stayed with me since that time. Every couple of years I revisit it and enjoy it anew, catching little things and details I may have missed previously and just taking pleasure from a spooky story set in space amongst fantastic sets, great model work, some admittedly questionable computer-generated images, and an incredibly strong cast.

Somehow this film has been around for twenty-five years. It’s garnered a cult following that laments the lack of an original cut and mourns the lost footage but embraces the story, its characters, and ideas. It’s spooky, has some big ideas behind the surface scares, and still entertains over two decades later.

Laurence Fishburne and Sam Neill are joined by Jason Isaacs, Kathleen Quinlan, Sean Pertwee, Joely Richardson, Richard T. Jones, and Jack Noseworthy as the crew of a rescue ship that is sent across the solar system to investigate a signal from a long disappeared ship, the Event Horizon, which Neill’s character, Weir, oversaw and created, including its unique drive.

It’s back, it’s transmitting, and it’s deserted, but it’s not empty, and it will lay the fears of each crew member bare before it’s over, with threat of hell itself hanging over them.

What plays out is very much a riff on the haunted house in space trope, and it works fantastically, and looks brilliant with its 4K upgrade.

Available in a durable steelbook the 4K comes with a blu-ray copy which includes the legacy extras, so nothing new there, but the extras were fairly comprehensive before (except for all the missing scenes, which is not fault of the creative team behind the film).

Twenty-five years on Event Horizon remains a spooky and entertaining film, I love the atmosphere the movie creates, and the lived-in feeling of the universe we’re introduced to. The crew have a history, the design of the Event Horizon is stunning (and based on the layout and design of Notre Dame) and I love this cast.

As I delved into the 4K, I settled in and just absorbed the details and the layers of the sets, the model work, the costumes, and it just added more of a reality to the film than it had before. Sure, some of the CGI work looks very iffy, especially at a higher resolution, but it doesn’t detract from the atmosphere or the story’s momentum.

Event Horizon never got the respect it should have upon release, and for now, the possibility of a director’s cut is unlikely, but over the years it’s proven itself time and again, and though oft overlooked it remains a classic sci-fi horror film.

And it is so deserving of this 4K upgrade (not to mention the gorgeous steelbook packaging.

Event Horizon: The 25th Anniversary Edition on 4K is available from Paramount Canada today!

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