Fringe (2010) – Peter, and Olivia. In the Lab. With the Revolver.

Walter (John Noble) tells Olivia (Anna Torv), and the audience, the back story relating to Peter (Joshua Jackson) and takes the story back to 1985 (which also allows for an 80s-style title sequence).

Written by Jeff Pinkner, J.H. Wyman, and Josh Singer from a story by Pinkner, Wyman, Singer, and Akiva Goldsman. It debuted on 1 April, 2010, and shows how far Walter is willing to go for the people he loves, particularly his son.

As his own son is dying, he’s watching Walter-nate (the Walter in the other universe) who is working as hard as he is to find a cure for their dying boy. When his Peter dies, Walter is determined to save the other one and has decided to bring him over to our reality to save him. But will he return him? We know the answer to that, but not the why.

He is the one that rips the whole between realities, an occurrence that directly leads to the events that are happening in the series’ present. Everything that has been happening has been caused by Walter’s love for his son.

There are some great things in this episode, the lovely Orla Brady plays Elizabeth, Walter’s wife, the Observers (Michael Cerveris, Peter Woodard, and Eugene Lipinski) make an appearance exiting a screening of Back to the Future (starring Eric Stoltz), how Nina (Blair Brown) lost her arm, and everything that has been hinted at over the past season and a half about this night is laid out for us to see.

The Observer reveals that Peter has to survive, that he is important. So we’ve learned the truth about that night, and Peter’s origins, but now, we are left to wonder what he’s important for.

Olivia. In the Lab. With the Revolver.

Written by Matt Pitts, this episode first aired on 8 April, 2010. Olivia is having a tough time keeping Walter’s secret (Peter’s origin) and seeks advice from Sam (Kevin Corrigan) but a lot of that is going to have a temporary back seat when a new case falls in their laps.

It seems a woman has died of cancer. Something which she didn’t have, and in fact, evidence suggests that she received it through touch. As the team investigates, Olivia is the one to make a connection between the deaths (as bodies are beginning to pile up), someone is targeting the children from the Coretexiphan trials run by Walter that Olivia was involved with as a child.

The transfer temporarily cures Neil (Omar Metwally) but it’s never enough. He’s hoping to find an actual cure, but for now, the touch is enough to heal him.

Confrontations will play out, but the real one is seeing Walter and Olivia at the end of the episode trying to decide how to proceed with Peter, and Walter coming to the inescapable conclusion that his son needs to know the truth…

How’s that gonna play out? We’ll have to wait and see!

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