Fringe (2010) – Johari Window, and What Lies Below

A young boy who transforms into a disfigured young child and a series of murdered cops draw the attention of the Fringe Division in Johari Window. Written by Josh Singer, this episode debuted on 14 January, 2010.

While Walter (John Noble) has some trouble getting outside after his abduction last week, Olivia (Anna Torv), Peter (Joshua Jackson), and Astrid (Jasika Nicole) find themselves embroiled in a strange mystery that, once again, may have a tie-in to some of Walter’s previous work, or at least he has knowledge of it.

The small town of Edina is permeated by a low hum, which the team is told from a nearby military base, but Walter slowly pieces things together. All of the people of Edina have the same disfigurement, and will violently protect themselves and their homes to maintain the secret of their existence.

As the truth comes out, all of it being part of an experiment that Walter knew about, but was not involved in, one that was taken over and expanded by the government, different subjects within the town take opposite sides and the pain of their existence is revealed to the group.

And they make a decision to help maintain their secret, argued wonderfully by Walter, who knows that if they are exposed, the townspeople will be studied, examined, and trapped.

There’s a real effort on Walter’s behalf to better himself, to make amends for the things he did when he was younger, and perhaps be the man that Peter sees him as.

What Lies Below puts Peter and Olivia in lockdown in a company building when a man dies on the grounds and releases a pathogen into the air. Walter and Astrid work to find a cure before it’s too late.

Written by Jeff Vlaming, this episode first debuted on 21 January, 2010.

But there’s something unique about this virus, it has an innate desire to get out of its confines, to spread, even driving those it infects to attempt to break out of lockdown, and one of those attempting to break out is Peter.

Walter lets slip in front of Astrid that he can’t let Peter die again, something she tries to follow up on, and Walter rebuffs her.

There are some very tense moments as Peter begins succumbing to the virus. Olivia is doing her best to help him and the other infected, but if Walter doesn’t find a cure, the military, ordered in by McFadden (Geoff Pierson) is going to send in a team to wipe out the threat once and for all.

Two years into COVID this story is a lot scarier than when it first aired, and boy does it resonate now.

The investigations will continue next time. Buckle up because the wild ride continues!

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