Fringe (2009) – Momentum Deferred, and Dream Logic

Olivia (Anna Torv) recalls more of her visit to the other side, and her encounter with William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) in Momentum Deferred. Written by Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller, this episode first hit the airwaves on 8 October, 2009.

It seems there are a number of shapeshifters stalking the world. They are known as the First Wave, in what Bell says is one of the opening moves in what will be the final war which will see only one of the realities left standing at its end. They are stealing frozen heads, seemingly intent on finding a specific one, but why?

Bell’s information to Olivia is only of a momentary help because she reveals it to the wrong person, and she is forced into a final confrontation with the thing wearing Charlie’s (Kirk Acevedo), her partner, face.

Walter (John Noble) and Peter (Joshua Jackson) are working on something that may help ascertain who is from the other side with the help of some experiments Walter conducted some years ago on a woman named Rebecca (Theresa Russell). And once again, there are suggestions about Peter, though at this point we can take it as a given he’s from the other side, as we’ve seen his grave.

I’m sorry to see Charlie, in any shape, go, because I really enjoyed Kirk Acevedo’s performance. But hey, this is science fiction, so that means, perhaps he isn’t truly gone right?

The stakes are definitely being upped. And now that the First Wave seems to be reviving the head… who is it? Is he the one who can open the doorway between realities? And what will it take to stop him?

Dream Logic was penned by Josh Singer, and first debuted on 15 October, 2009. Sam (Kevin Corrigan) continues to help Olivia deal with her issues, augmented now by the fact that she had to kill the thing wearing Charlie’s face.

But it’s not long before a case calls her attention, and this is a weird one. They are called in to investigate a vicious attack, though the attacker doesn’t remember anything but the nightmares he was having.

What the Fringe Division finds is a study in sleep, dreams, and a strange project. It’s spooky if a little familiar, but the character moments help this one stand out a bit. This time things are augmented with Peter and Walter moving into their new home, and Olivia working on a new assignment given to her by Sam to help her deal with things.

The dreams seem to be caused by a chip planted in the subject’s mind and may be a template for mind control, or at least that is what Walter believes, so will the team be able to stop things before they get too dangerous?

Next time we continue our adventures along the Fringe…

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