Fringe (2008) – The Cure, and In Which We Meet Mr. Jones

It’s Olivia’s (Anna Torv) birthday and she gets handed a really bizarre case as a means to celebrate. The Cure was written by Felecia D. Henderson and Brad Kane and had an original airdate of 21 October, 2008.

Through the course of the episode, Olivia reveals a tortured past to Peter (Joshua Jackson) even as they conduct a hunt for a missing woman following the deaths of another young woman and a diner full of patrons.

Having nothing to do with Walter Bishop’s (John Noble) previous work this episode sees two women suffering from the same disease falling in with a company that not only cures them but then weaponised them.

Behind it is a multimillion-dollar company that is using its clout and its bankroll to stave off any investigation. But Olivia is determined to find out what is going on and expose the truth to the public.

Unfortunately, to help her, Peter has to offer up information to Nina Sharp (Blair Brown), though he doesn’t tell her what that information was.

It’s a bloody and interesting episode that continues to develop the relationships of its characters and gives us a disturbing look at the carefree way some companies operate without a care for those they are hurting.

There’s also the reveal that Olivia’s abusive stepfather, who we haven’t seen yet, is out there somewhere, and will continue to taunt her on every one of her birthdays.

Both Astrid (Jasika Nicole) and Charlie (Kirk Acevedo) have some great interactions, but it is the conversations that Broyles (Lance Reddick) and Olivia have that layers out the politics and reality of the world in which they operate.

In Which We Meet Mr. Jones. Let me just say, gah!

Written by J.J. Abrams and Jeff Pinkner it debuted on 11 November, 2008. A fellow agent of Broyles, Mitchell Loeb (Chance Kelly) collapses in Broyles’ office and when he ends up on the operating table the attending doctors are shocked to discover a large parasite wrapped around Loeb’s heart.

Olivia and the rest dig into discovering what they can about the parasite and where it came from. What they discover, they won’t be able to peace together this episode, but it definitely leads to things that hopefully pay off down the line.

We learn there is a connection between the parasite and a Mr. Jones (Jared Harris), a man being held in a German prison.

The search reveals that there may be another mole in the company in addition to Olivia’s late, dead partner. Will the team discover who it is? Will they learn what the parasite is for? And what the phrase Little Hill means?

This one was really enjoyable, it lays out more mystery, more of the characters, including the relationship between Walter and Peter and how fragile it is, and yet they both love one another. It’s a unique father/son relationship.

I can’t wait to see where we go next week.

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