Eyes of the Void (2022) – Adrian Tchaikovsky

Orbit Books hooked me with Tchaikovsky’s Shard of Earth so I was very eager to dive into the second novel in the series Eyes of the Void. Once again I was swept up in the fantastically told tale, as Tchaikovsky built on what had already happened in the first novel continued delving into the worlds and characters he’d created, and upping the stakes exponentially as the threat of The Architects continue to menace the entire galaxy.

How hooked was I on this book? Let me share this personal aside. I was eager to read this book (on my e-reader) while I went on vacation. Unfortunately, as I was deboarding the plane I lost my reading glasses and hadn’t packed a second pair. I was furious with myself, and also had to know what happened next with the characters I’d already grown very fond of, Solace, Idris, Ollie, Trine, Kit, and Kris.

I boosted the size of the font to a size I could tolerate and fought eyestrain to find out what happened next.

Tchaikovsky has delivered yet another compulsively readable novel as the threat of the world-destroying (and re-shaping) Architects threaten every intelligent race in the galaxy, tensions continue to arise between factions of humanity, as the secrets of the Originators, a race of long-dead beings whose tech seem to be able to hold off the Architects, are fought over.

Throw in some strange over-sized clam-like aliens who have their own collection of human cultists, as well as terrifying gangsters, and this conflict threatens to spiral out of control even as The Architects begin to rework a number of inhabited planets.

Idris, an Intermediary capable of navigating the throughways of unspace, allowing for speedy travel between galactic points, finds himself caught up in something bigger as he begins to discover some of the true nature of unspace as well as The Architects themselves. Will humanity find a way to stop them and those who control them?

Marrying science as well as high space opera, Eyes of the Void follows easily in the footsteps of the first novel and delivers an engrossing tale that as I hinted above, I couldn’t put down. While the wait begins for the third book in the trilogy, I may find myself digging into his other work, because the worlds and the characters he creates are so compelling.

I love how Tchaikovsky doles out his tale. The action sequences are first-rate, sweeping, and nerve-wracking, while the character beats, and story development are engrossing and well-thought out, letting the characters breathe and develop and drawing the reader in with the narrative he creates.

Eyes of the Void the second novel in The Final Architecture trilogy is available now from Orbit Books. If you like your hard science fiction mixed with space opera, Tchaikovsky is a must read!

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