The Batman (2022) – 4K Review

Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson’s take on the World’s Greatest Detective, The Batman, is available now from Warner Brothers Canada on DVD, Blu, and 4K. They were kind enough to ensure I had a copy on hand to take a look at, and I was more than happy to take a look at the film again in my home theatre.

Taking it’s tone and style from some of the most famous Batman tales, Year One and The Long Halloween, Reeves’ film is more neo-noir than any of the previous film entries in the Caped Crusaders appearances on the big screen.

Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne is Batman, whereas his Bruce Wayne seems to be no more than a shadow, a flimsy cover of who he really is under his wealth. He and the city of Gothm find themselves challenged by a new type of vigilante, one calling himself The Riddler (Paul Dano).

To bring the Riddler down, Batman will need all of his wits and skills as well as the aid, if not the complete trust of Selina Kyle (Zoe Kravitz) and Lt. James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright). With the help of his allies and the counselling of the ever-present Alfred (Andy Serkis), The Batman takes on a fuller story than has been presented to date.

There’s a grit to this reality that even Nolan’s Batman trilogy didn’t delve into and every image looks as if it could have been lifted from a graphic novel. Stunningly shot and produced, The Batman delivers fantastically on 4K with a combination of beautiful sound and image.

Lush, and cinematic, The Batman captures the modern comics portrayal of the character with ease, and brings the viewers into his world in a way that hasn’t been done before. This Batman is still learning his craft, is very driven, and while smart, isn’t quite the World’s Greatest Detective yet. But he’s on his way.

The 4K comes with a bonus disc that is loaded with extras, and this is what really makes it a must for film lovers. It’s packed with behind the scenes featurettes and docs, including Vengeance in the Making, Vengeance Meets Justice, The Batman: Genesis, Becoming Catwoman, Looking for Vengeance, Anatomy of The Car Chase, Anatomy of The Wingsuit, A Transformation; The Penguin, The Batmobile, Unpacking The Icons, and a collection of deleted scenes with commentary by Reeves.

The film, with its runtime is the longest Batman film to date, and there is a lot going on throughout. There are little details, nods, and definitely some groundwork laid to build up this new version of Gotham and those who inhabit it.

Pattinson’s Batman is on point, I would hope in future films to see his Bruce Wayne developed a little more, but overall, this is a beautiful, well-crafted and a very welcome new take on a familiar character.

The Batman is available now on DVD, Blu and 4K from Warner Brothers now!

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