Triangle (2009) – Christopher Smith

Posters and promotional images can do a lot to sell a film. The poster for Triangle that I had always come across on whatever streaming service it was on was completely uninspiring. It’s not until it started popping up on a variety of lists that I paid it any mind, and then learned that it had Melissa George in it. I think she’s a wonderful actor, and have always had a bit of a thing for her.

Throw in the things I’d read about it playing with time, and adding some fun mystery to what looked like (from the posters and images I’d seen) a run of the mill horror film, well, it was time to dig in and watch it.

Christopher Smith not only directs the film, but wrote it as well, and it’s one of those films that not only does the viewer have to pay attention, but one in which every eventuality has to be plotted and figured out. I won’t give away too much in this post, it’s best to just go in to this one buckling up for the ride, that’s what I did (I knew time loops played a part, but that’s it) and it paid off wonderfully!

We are introduced to Jess (George) who, after cleaning up and tending to her young son, has elected to spend the day on a sailboat with a potential romantic mate, Greg (Michael Dorman) and his friends, Downey (Henry Nixon), Sally (Rachel Carpani), and Heather (Emma Lung).

When the wind dies down, they aren’t completely worried, but when a storm, out of nowhere, strikes, the boat, Triangle, capsizes and leaves the survivors worried, and adrift… until a large not quite empty passenger liner appears.

And the trouble begins, as Jess is determined to get home to her son, no matter what it takes, but soon finds that she, and the rest are stuck in some form of temporal loop. Is there a solution to it? Will she be able get home to her son? What will it cost her? What will she learn?

There are some horrifying and emotionally troubling twists, turns and reveals through the course of the tale but Smith allows us to follow Jess’ through line to its conclusion, which makes us look at everything that has gone before it in a whole new way.

There are hints about what is going on throughout the film, some subtle nods to The Shining, and an engaging performance by George. I hate the fact that it took me so long to discover this film, but wow, did I enjoy it!

I like the reveals, and the twists. Everything in the film has a reason for being there, lines of dialogue, action beats, and character moments, and it all plays out in a gasping, thrill ride that doesn’t let up until the final shot.

The last fifteen minutes of the film feel like a gut punch, and changes everything before it. It’s so well done, plotted, and played out that it left me gobsmacked.

Oh and did I mention Melissa George?


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