Mission: Impossible (1969/1970) – The Amnesiac, and The Falcon: Part 1

Robert Malcolm Young and Ken Pettus pen the teleplay for The Amnesiac from a story developed by Young. It first aired on 28 December, 1969, and features a few return guest stars, including Steve Inhat in his third and final M:I appearance, and Anthony Zerbe in his third of five appearances!

Phelps (Peter Graves) IMF team heads into an enemy country to recover nuclear material that was stolen two years, and that the country plans to sell to another enemy government. Unfortunately, only a couple people know where it is, and one of them is presumed dead.

Enter Paris (Leonard Nimoy) who pretends to be the missing third member of a group that stole the material, but is suffering from amnesia, and has had some facial reconstruction done. With the help of fellow agent, Monique (Julie Gregg) he exhibits traits and mannerisms of the dead man, enough to make Colonel Vorda (Zerbe) and Major Johan (Inhat) curious.

Seems Inhat is behind the new deal, and Vorda is eager to keep the material for their own country. So under the help of a trained hypnotist, Phelps undercover, and careful signals, Paris hints at the location, while Willy (Peter Lupus) and Barney (Greg Morris) aided by info supplied by Monique track down the material, replace it and get out of the country with the rest of the team, as the chips fall into place for Vorda and Johan.

The free world is safe once again!! And Barney gets to do some running and jumping alongside his tech work this week, see, he really is the best agent in the group.

The Falcon: Part 1 was written by Paul Playdon, and launched a three part story on 4 January, 1970.

The dastardly General Sabattini (John Vernon) has imprisoned Prince Stephan (Joseph Reale), after faking his death, so he has a clear line to the throne, should he be able to force Princess Francesca (Diane Baker) to marry him, and eliminate the child-like ruler, Prince Nicolai (Noel Harrison). By doing so, he would then turn the country against democracy, and their ally the United States, partnering up with their enemies instead.

The teams job is to get into the country and foil Sabattini. There are a lot of balls in the air for this one, Paris and another agent, pose as a famous magician, meant to catch the attention of Nicolai and get them inside the castle, Phelps is posing as a tourist photographing the crown jewels, which are being replaced with fakes by Barney, and Tracey (Lee Meriwether back for another go round) is helping out wherever she can, whether aiding Paris, or general sneaking around. And somehow a falcon, who has his own agent file with the IMF (not quite sure how that plays out, is there a whole animal agent section?) named Lucifer, who will help out before the mission is through.

Pieces are being put in place throughout the episode, and because the story is sprawled over three episodes, there’s no reason to rush it, and instead, there is some solid character work and development, though we’re left with a literal cliffhanger at the episode’s conclusion, with Paris dangling over a ledge, right above a suspicious guard!

What happens next?

I’ll have to wait until next week to finish the story, as I continue exploring Mission: Impossible – The Complete Series on blu-ray, available now from Paramount Canada!

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