The Lone Gunmen (2001) – Three Men and a Smoking Diaper, and Madam, I’m Adam

Chris Carter has Frohike (Tom Braidwood), Langly (Dean Haglund) and Byers (Bruce Harwood) tackle politicians in Three Men and a Smoking Diaper, which first aired on 23 March, 2001.

The boys are investigating a senator, Jefferson (Christopher Rich), who may have had a relationship with one of the people on his campaign and later died in a mysterious accident. Their investigation leads to a baby ending up on their doorstep, which may be a direct tie to their case. Well, to be clear, the boys find the baby all alone in the Senator’s love nest.

The episode is obviously a dig at the Clinton/Lewinsky affair (Heck Jefferson tries that down home charm, and plays the saxophone), and Jimmy has to go undercover on the campaign to get information. And more importantly, the situation, and the events of the investigation lead to Frohike embarrassing himself for the good of the team.

This one isn’t played quite as straight as some of the others, though they all lead to the humorous, and it shows, sadly, that while Carter may be more than apt to pen some witty lines, he’s not always at his best when he strives for flat out comedy. The story does give Jimmy a look at the darker side of politics, and the boys a glimpse of something they really don’t understand, parenthood.

It’s not Carter’s best work, he should have had someone else punch up the comedy, and kept the story stronger. It’s stories like this that ended up crippling the series, and prevented it from continuing past it’s first season.

Madam, I’m Adam was written by Thomas Schnauz, and debuted on 30 March, 2001, and featured Stephen Tobolowsky as its guest star.

Jimmy brings a possible story to the guys, when he arranges a meeting with Adam Burgess (Tobolowsky), who claims that he’s from a parallel world, as the only explanation as to why he has been erased from existence; his home, his life, none of it belongs to him anymore.

But when Byers and Jimmy discover a strange electrical input on the back of Adam’s neck, they discover a strange wiring in his brain, that makes for a deeper mystery. Adam knows the neighborhood he ‘lives’ in intimately, and that coupled with the device in the back of his head draws everyone in, but are they ready for the truth?

Things get weirder when Adam reveals a true hatred for a wrestler, that reminds Adam of Frohike, or rather the reverse.

It’s fun, silly, and Tobolowsky is always a joy to see whenever and wherever he shows up! And the episode, of course, finds more ways to embarrass Frohike. Thursday, we rejoin The X-Files, and we’ll catch up with The Lone Gunmen next week, as the truth is (still) out there…

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