The Lone Gunmen (2001) – Eine Kleine Frohike, and Like Water for Octane

John Shiban pens the script for Eine Kleine Frohike, which first debuted on 16 March, 2001.

The team sends Frohike (Tom Braidwood) undercover to pose as the long lost son of a female baker, the Poisoner of Alcaste, a Nazi who poisoned members of the French Resistance during World War II. With a makeover, Frohike is in place, trying to uncover the true nature of Anna Haag (Ruth Manning), but they may be on the wrong track, having been set up.

Yves (Zuleikha Robinson) and Jimmy (Stephen Sneddon) learn the truth, and attempt to reach Byers (Bruce Harwood) and Langly (Dean Haglund) to warn Frohike. But a comedy of errors, as well as the true poisoner, a couple of dead bodies are going to make things difficult for the boys.

There’s also Jimmy’s, well, limited intelligence, that doesn’t quite outweigh his large bank account and the boys aren’t sure if they want him around, ruining things.

There’s more Mission: Impossible nods, and some great moments that allow the series to walk that line between comedy and thriller. This episode, in particular, gives Frohike a chance to shine more than he ever had in The X-Files. There’s also some really nice emotional moments that only work because we care about these characters.

Taking on something like a poisoner from World War II could have been an iffy choice for a story laced with so much comedy, but it’s able to balance the seriousness of the concept with the inherent comedy the series has. And Yves continues to proves she’s a step ahead of the boys, and makes a wonderful addition to the show, and Jimmy is just an earnest and enjoyable goof. Dolt sounds too mean.

Like Water for Octane was written by Collin Friesen and first aired on 18 March, 2001.

The gang heads out to find a long sought after water powered car, which Frohike insists he saw in person, back in 1962. If they can track it down, learn what happened to it, and get the word out about it, they could change the Big Oil game, but what if they aren’t the only ones looking for it?

With Jimmy and Yves both helping and hindering on the case, the group track down their leads, even as, once again, bodies begin piling up. But their determination to find this vehicle, and perhaps change the world sees them through.

However, what if their enemies aren’t who they think they are? Or are they?

This is a fun episode, and it features a great opening depicting the boys when they are young, and moments that defined them and set them on their quest for truth, and it shows that Frohike is both a bad ass and an idealist, no matter how much he tries to hide it.

There are more adventures to come next time.

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