A Classic Horror Story (2021) – Roberto De Feo, and Paolo Strippoli

I love taking a look at foreign horror films, because all filmmakers approach the genre from their own experiences, their culture, and their influences, and what scares some people may only be entertaining to others. The Italian film, A Classic Horror Story, plays our very enjoyable, and has a couple of shifts from horror sub-genre to sub-genre.

I get why not everyone enjoyed it, because the film sets itself up one way, and then plays out another way, and some viewers may feel a betrayal in that, but that’s kind of the point of the narrative.

In broad strokes the film follows five strangers, Elisa (Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz), Fabrizio (Francesco Russo), Sofia (Yuliia Sobol), Mark (Will Merrick) and Riccardo (Peppino Mazzotta) as they meet up for a ride share on a journey to their various destinations. When an accident interrupts their journey, they wake to find themselves in a field in the middle of a forest, with a foreboding cabin looming over them.

Fabrizio and Riccardo make a gruesome discovery, and Fabrizio connects it with an Italian legend of three beings that demanded sacrifices for their protection. And it seems these five are about to be the latest in a long line of sacrifices.

There is brutal assaults, there’s gore without it going over the top, because it’s more about what you see in the theatre of the mind as opposed to on the screen. The design of the masks, the reveals in certain shots, and the way the film plays out were all, to me, very entertaining, and I was delighted with each new twist and reveal.

Yes some of them are familiar when they happen, but the film is self-aware in that nature and even comments on it, as well as making a comment on those who are only watching horror films for the violence and the kills and not the stories, which is arguably more important than the gore and blood.

I don’t want to give away too much, and I can’t even mention certain similar titles without letting you know what the reveal is, so I won’t make any comparisons, but if you want something that is a little different, while feeling familiar at the same time. Look into this one, enjoy the way it plays out, the twists, the turns, and the kills. And enjoy it’s self-awareness, it wants to be one of the guys in its knowledge of horror and pop culture, and it also allows you to settle in with the characters, which is nice, you feel a sense of empathy with the characters because you can relate to some of them.

It’s not overly bloody, but there is some serios ouch factor to this one. This was a fun watch for me, and makes me want to continue my world travels through horror. Any recommendations to send my way?

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