TAD 2021: Paul Dood’s Deadly Lunch Break dir. Nick Gillespie

Closing out the Toronto After Dark Film Festival today is the UK film Paul Dood’s Deadly Lunch Break. And what a way to close the festival!

Without disclosing too much, this sure fire crowd pleaser follows Paul Dood (Tom Meeten) in his pursuit of a glimmer of internet fame by auditioning for internet sensation Jack Tapp (Kevin Bishop), but on the way there, a series of unfortunate events lead to tragedy and upset for Paul.

And now, over the course of a lunch break from his charity shop, Paul is going to have his revenge on all the people who ruined the day and his chances.

Filled to the brim with that wry, and occasionally vicious British humor, the laughs come at you rapid-fire (there are countless brilliant throwaway lines), the gore is highly enjoyable, and through it all, the character arc of Paul grounds the film, and creates an empathic relationship with the audience.

It’s fast-paced, brilliantly funny, skewers the idea of internet celebrity, and has a real heart to it. Gillespie tells an entertaining story, and Meeten brings it to life wonderfully. On top of that, it’s obvious from the blooper reel at film’s end that the entire cast has come to play, and that makes it a truly enjoyable piece.

This is a great way to wrap up the festival, and its sure to entertain the devout After Dark film fans. Check this one out today, and see what else screened at the festival here. And we’ll see you next year in Toronto… After Dark.

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