Millennium (1999) – Via Dolorosa, and Goodbye To All That

This week, it’s the series finale of Millennium, though Frank Black (Lance Henriksen) would make one more appearance, showing up in the seventh season of The X-Files, for his swan song. Marjorie David and Patrick Harbinson pen the first part of what was simply meant to be a season finale, but when the series wasn’t picked up for another season, instead became the show’s penultimate episode.

First airing on 14 May, 1999, we learn that Frank is troubled by the appearance of what seems to be a copycat killer of Edward Cuffle (Matthew Glave), which was the case that drove Frank temporarily insane back before the series began. And though he just attended Cuffle’s state sanctioned execution, this new killer is so similar that Frank is almost convinced it’s Cuffle or something that worked through him.

Someone has groomed another killer, Lucas Wayne Barr (Jeffery Vincent Parise) to follow Cuffle’s m.o., but will Frank find and stop him before he claims more victims.

Hollis (Klea Scott), meanwhile, is struggling with her father (John Beasley), who is suffering from Alzheimers and is being put into a long term care facility. This makes her vulnerable to the Millennium Group and Peter Watts (Terry O’Quinn) makes overtures to her, saying that they can help her father, if she’ll join them, and help bring Frank back into the fold.

And in their pursuit of this killer, one of their own may have become a victim when Baldwin (Peter Outerbridge) is caught in an explosion.

The episode ends witht the killer entering another bedroom, with victims within, and leaves us wondering how the opening scene, set a week into the story’s future ties in – Frank and Jordan (Brittany Tiplady) were making a run for it.

Goodbye To All That was written by Ken Horton and Chip Johannessen and closed out the series on 21 May, 1999 (which is the date shown at the beginning of the previous episode). Within minutes we see that Baldwin is killed, but not by Barr, there are changes coming in the Bureau, and Frank is going to have to take some sort of action for himself and Jordan before story’s end.

The Group draws closer to Hollis, Frank confronts Peter after he recieves video of someone recording Jordan while she was asleep, and Frank must make some final decisions, which also sees him training with a gun, something he’s always reticent to do.

Peter is betrayed by the Group, Hollis is maneuvered into an impossible choice, and Frank and Jordan, well, they say goodbye to all that after he confronts Barr one last time.

And with that, the series came to a close, which wasn’t announced by the broadcaster until the day of. A bit of a dick move. Millennium never quite found its audience, its dark subject matter kept a number of viewers away, the years have been very kind to it, however, and it holds up amazingly well, and of course Henriksen is amazing.

Frank Black will return in The X-Files episode, Millennium…

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