Millennium (1999) – Forcing the End, and Saturn Dreaming of Mercury

Juliet Landau, whose mother Barbara Bain was featured in the previous episode, guest stars alongside Andreas Katsulas in this episode, Forcing the End, written by Marjorie David, that first aired on 19 March, 1999.

Frank (Lance Henriksen) and Hollis (Klea Scott) find them working on an abduction case that Hollis believes the Millennium Group, specifically Peter Watts (Terry O’Quinn) may have some insight on. A young pregnant woman, Jeanie (Landau) is kidnapped by a group of religious fanatics in a move that Frank terms forcing the end. They believe that they are going to help bring about the apocalypse, as well as the the messiah, but delivering this child, keeping him safe, and raising him to be a priest of the Third Temple.

Katsulas is ths leader of the group, and Peter delivers information on where to find the child, citing scripture to Hollis. Frank points out that the Group isn’t concerned with the child, they just want to control who has the power should the apocalypse arrive.

Consequently, while Frank is heavily involved in the tale, it feels very much like Hollis’ journey. My only real problem with the episode was the climax, everyone is just standing around watching Hollis confront Moses (Katsulas) as he tries to make an escape with the baby via heliocopter. No one attempts to get up there and help, they just stand and watch. I don’t think Frank would do that.

And look! Frank has returned to being completely grey, which is great, and not something you saw a lot of on North American television (you know outside of what little hair Captain Picard had); Henriksen is the man!

Saturn Dreaming of Mercury was penned by Jordan Hawley and Chip Johannessen, and it made Jordan Black (Brittany Tiplady), Frank’s daughter, a key element to the story. First broadcast on 9 April, 1999, Frank is troubled by Jordan’s surprising turn towards the violent and hostile when a new family moves into the neighborhood.

Much like Frank, Jordan has some gifts and sees things that others can’t. Currently she seems to be seeing someone named Simon, who is focussing her attention the newly moved in family, specifically the father, Will (Michael Bofshever) and son, Lucas (Dillon Moen) who is around Jordan’s age.

She tells Frank that Will is bad, and seems to have attacked Lucas at school, and later to have stabbed Will in the leg when she sneaks into their house.

As Frank, and Hollis look into things, unofficially, of course, Frank soon begins to realise that there is something darker here, and that all of it may lead to a confrontation with true darkness (his vision in the climax is rather terrifying) and a familiar enemy, briefly glimpsed.

As the episode ends, we realise Jordan’s gifts are very powerful, and that evil seems to be equally powerful, and possibly unstoppable.

Somehow, we’re coming up on the end of the sries. There are six episodes to go…

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