Jason X (2001) – James Isaac

While writers attempted to crack the Freddy vs.Jason showdown, New Line Cinema was intent on keeping the Friday the 13th i.p. alive and also wanted to do something different. Jason X is definitely that. And unquestionably the worst entry in the entire series, despite boasting a cameo by David Cronenberg, a fun starring turn by Lexa Doig, and an appearance by the wonderful Amanda Brugel.

The writers figured why not throw things a little ways into the future that way anything that happened in Freddy vs. Jason, should it ever come to fruition, would be in the past, consequently this could be seen as an alternate reality storyline, and you could arguably pass over it.

Lexa Doig’s Rowan is working in the Crystal Lake Research Facility, that has captured and attempting to study Jason (Kane Hodder in his final appearance as the masked maniac) to understand his regenerative abilities and perhaps harness them. Unable to do so, Rowan wants to freeze Jason in cryo-stasis, but of course, he escapes his bonds, and wreaks havoc first, and both Rowan and Jason end up being frozen and awoken four centuries later to find themselves in a Canadian sci-fi film, that looks like a poorly lit and shot television movie, that doesn’t boast much in the way of practical effects for the kills, horrible costume and acting choices and doesn’t really work on any level, even when it’s ripping off the Alien franchise. Sorry, paying homage to it.

When Rowan wakes in the future, she finds herself aboard a scoutship that took a bunch of twenty somethings and their teacher to the wreckage of Earth for a class assignment. They found Rowan and Jason and brought them aboard, Rowan pulls a Ripley and insists they get rid of Jason immediately, but they all ignore her until the bodies begin to pile up and Rowan becomes a stunning woman of action.

My problem with the future setting of the story isn’t the story itself, which could have been done better, but the look of it. I’m not sure what the film was shot on, but it looks like it was made for television, you can tell everything is a set, as opposed to a lived in reality, the space marines, or whatever they are, seem to have no real training in weapons handling, and the visual effects were a joke at the time, and even more so now.

It’s a curious and, sadly, unproductive entry into the series, which admittedly has always been pretty silly and shallow, but this one really outdid itself, and consequently makes one want to leave the whole series behind, even though there’s only (currently) two films to go.

I can tend to find things I like in most of the other entries, but this one, even I have a tough time getting through it.

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