Millennium (1998) – The Innocents, and Exegesis

Chip Johannessen takes over show running from Glen Morgan and James Wong as Millennium returns for a third season, and has to deal with their apocalyptic season two finale. Mike Duggan is responsible for writing them out of it with his season three two part opener. The first half, The Innocents first aired on 2 October, 1998.

Frank Black (Lance Henriksen) and his daughter, Jordan (Brittany Tiplady) survived the outbreak in the Pacific Northwest, and lying to himself, telling himself it’s alright, he’s dyed his hair (this was actually at the network’s request) but it begins to fray over the course of the final season as Frank begins to deal with his loss and his gift.

He and Jordan have moved to a new home, while Frank still has problems with Catherine’s (Megan Gallagher) parents over her death.

When a plane crashes in the mountains, Frank begins to have visions again, and realises that there is more going on in the case than a simple plane crash. Returning to work with the FBI, Frank finds himself working with Agent Emma Hollis (Klea Scott) as he follows leads and suppositions that seem to connect a series of women (sisters?), who all have the same unnerving Meg Foster blue eyes.

Frank finds a house explosion that claimed a daughter, though her mother survived, and the death of a woman and her daughter in a car crash – which brings us right to the season’s first To Be Continued.

All of it connects, and it ties directly to the planned release of the virus that claimed Frank’s wife.

The opening credits have changed, the ‘wait’ and ‘worry’ have returned and ‘the time is near’ closes them out, and includes Klea Scott.

Exegesis, the two-parter’s conclusion, was penned by Johannessen and first aired on 9 October, 1998. It also sees the return of Peter Watts (Terry O’Quinn), who is still working with the Millennium Group, who in their attempt to garner power, and maintain control, are slowly being positioned as Frank’s nemesis.

We learn that the women are sisters, and are remote viewers, who are being hunted down by the Group’s assassins, as they may be able to provide those who are looking for it, answers, not only to the release of the virus, but other threats, and attempts to seize power.

I like the pairing of Hollis and Frank, they make for an interesting dynamic, and it’s always fun to see Peter Outerbridge in anything.

The story really puts Frank and Peter at odds with one another, and Peter seems willing to deny everything that the Group has done to bring about their version of the apocalypse. And that conflict I really like, because the two characters have really grown quite angry with one another over the past season.

I like the fact that we may get to see Frank profiling a little more this season, but that it still has a bit of an unusual not quite paranormal tinge to it.

I’m hoping to see Henriksen do some great stuff with his character as the season progresses, and we close in on the end of the series.

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