Millennium (1997) – 19:19, and The Hand of Saint Sebastian

Prophecy and the Millennium Group are front and centre in this week’s episode of Millennium. First up Frank (Lance Henriksen) is trying to find a group of missing children in Hurricane Alley, and he and Peter Watts (Terry O’Quinn) are in a race against time in 19:19.

Written by Glen Morgan and James Wong this episode first aired on 7 November, 1997. Lara Means (Kristen Cloke) shows up to lend a hand as Frank finds the suspect, Matthew Prine (Christian Hoff) but needs help reading his physical signs. Prine believes he is doing the lord’s work, and references Revelations constantly.

He is waiting for a sign, and if he sees it, he may free the children. But what if time runs out?

The sheriff (Steve Rankin) has a personal investment in the case, as his daughter, Jessica (Colleen Rennison) is one of the missing children.

I like seeing Peter, Frank and Lara working together, and I honestly wish she had brought in to the story a little sooner, as she makes a great addition to the investigative team.

The episode does a nice job of melding the prophecies contained in the book of Revelations and the state of the modern world. It works solidly and the mythology of the series continues to grow. Millennium is no longer about a serial killer of the week, we’re in a bigger world now with religious overtones, and possibly the eternal struggle between good and evil, which sets up the next episode quite nicely.

Morgan and Wong also pen the following episode, The Hand of Saint Sebastian, which first debuted on 14 November, 1997.

Peter comes to Frank for help in an episode that takes the pair to Germany to investigate a recovered body, over a thousand years old that has been preserved in a peat bog. A body that has a tie to the millennium group, which we see confirmed in the opening teaser when they repeat the catch phrase, ‘This is who we are’ and we see a tattoo of the snake circle that is emblematic of the group.

Frank, despite being a devout member of the group, is obsessed with finding out more about it (an addition to the character that I love, it shows that no matter how high in the group he is, he still has questions about it) and recovering a relic that should have been with the body, the hand of Saint Sebastian.

Group politics, as well as a police investigation are going to prove to be a problem for the pair, and may put their lives in immediate danger, as we learn that there is a group working in opposition to the Millennium Group, and that there may be a traitor in their midst.

There’s more darkness to come as the Millennium approaches, and Frank and I will continue to explore it because This Is Who We Are.

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