Millennium (1997) – Sacrament, and Covenant

Frank Black (Lance Henriksen) confronts the darkness again this week, and this time in Sacrament, it strikes a little too close to home, and reveals that perhaps his daughter, Jordan (Brittany Tiplady) may have a bit of his dark gift to see into the mind of a criminal.

Written by Frank Spotnitz, and first airing on 21 February, 1997, the episode introduces us to Frank’s younger brother, Tom (Philip Anglim) who has come to town with his wife, Helen (Liz Bryson) to have their new son baptised in the same church Tom was baptised in.

When Helen vanishes from the celebratory events following the ritual, Jordan falls ill, and wonders why the man is hurting Aunt Helen. Frank already has suspicions about who is responsible, but with a case that is so personal, Bletch (Bill Smitrovich), his friend, and local homicide detective warns him off.

But Frank won’t let it go, and his glimpses into the suspect’s mind, one Richard Green (Dylan Haggerty), troubles him, as Richard claims that there is a devil that will pull him right back into hell. And he’s not wrong, but Frank may not get the evidence he needs to bring the complete truth before a court of law, but will he be able to put enough of it together to find Helen before it’s too late?

As the episode ends, I’m fairly willing to bet that this will be the last time that we see Tom and his family in Seattle. There’s going to be some serious trouble between the two brothers for some time.

Covenant reveals that my belief about Frank’s neighbour played by Don McKay were wrong, as this is the character’s final appearance. But, on the other hand, it delivers a truly dark and engaging story, which was written by Bobby Moresco, this episode first aired on 21 March, 1997.

Frank arrives in Utah to investigate a horrific homicide that claimed an entire family, and its patriarch, William Garry, (John Finn) a local cop, has admitted to the act, and now faces sentencing, and the death penalty.

Garry’s confession ticks all the boxes, explains everything, and as Frank’s wife, Catherine (Megan Gallagher) suggests all those truths add up to a lie, because Frank doesn’t believe Garry killed his family. As he deals with lawyers, locals, cops, and more who hold their religious beliefs close, and are intent that the guilty should pay, will he be able to extract the truth from Garry and learn what really happened?

There’s a line given about halfway into the first episode that tells you who did it, and the whys are laid out in events, and evidence revealed before and after. That doesn’t mean it’s not a good story, it is, and Henriksen, as always, is nothing short of amazing as Frank.

We plunge deeper into the darkness next week with more episodes of Millennium.

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