John Hughes 5-Movie Collection (Blu-Ray)

For those of an age, John Hughes films defined their high school years, and spoke to them in ways that other teen comedies (and dramas) seemed incapable of doing. There was a reality to the way the characters were written, even in some of the more comedic entries, and consequently, the viewer could relate to them understand them, and enjoy them on a level that other teen films couldn’t achieve.

Hughes had his finger on the pulse of each and every high school, his writing seemed reflective of every experience that countless youngsters were going through at the same time – and that’s an important message – you aren’t the only one feeling like this, everyone does, so talk about it.

Paramount Pictures has compiled their collection of John Hughes films on blu-ray, and packaged them into one affordable and damned enjoyable collection. Contained in this five disc collection are Pretty In Pink (1986), just in time for its 35th anniversary (that doesn’t seem possible because the 80s couldn’t have been that long ago) , Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (see previous parenthesis), Some Kind of Wonderful (1987) – which allowed Hughes and director Howard Deutch to, in a way, redo Pretty In Pink with the ending they wanted, the brilliant Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987), which showed that Hughes couldn’t just write teen characters and laughs, he could tell a funny and heartwarming tale about getting home for Thanksgiving, and finally She’s Having a Baby (1988), which let Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth McGovern navigate their way into adulthood (and learning how ill-prepared they are for it) by, well, having a baby.

Paramount has cleaned up the images, loaded the discs with extras, and made sure all the original music is in place – nobody drops a needle like a John Hughes film. And, another added joy of this collection, there is actually something for everyone in the family depending on mood and what kind of characters and stories they want. Each of them are great films, with fantastic tracks, quotable dialogue and characters and situations that you feel you can relate to.

It’d had been forever since I’d seen Wonderful, Ferris and Baby, and it was a joy to see how clean and sharp the picture was, and how each of the films were kitted out with truly enjoyable, and informative extras. This movie may necessitate a double dip for some if you already owe singular copies of a couple of the films, but it’s worth it for the package (and it takes up less space in your collection).

So go back to the 80s, when the clothes, the hair, the music, were at its best, and Hughes knew how to put it all on the screen with characters that still resonate with you today – why else do we keep going back to them?

The John Hughes 5-Movie Collection on blu-ray is available from Paramount Pictures today!

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