Star Trek: Federation (1994) – Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens

This week’s journey where no one has gone before is an epic novel that combines adventures with the crew of James T. Kirk’s Enterprise, with those of Jean-Luc Picard’s tying it in with the life of Zefram Cochrane, and the efforts of one of Colonel Green’s cadre, Colonel Thorsen.

With a wrap-around story that takes place just before the events of the film Generations, the story is a time-hopping tale that shares the events that caused Cochrane to leave Earth, causing him to be discovered by Captain Kirk and company in the episode Metamorphosis, the original crew of the Enterprise following the episode Journey to Babel, The Next Generation crew following the events of the episode Sarek, as well as brief moments before The Motion Picture, and post Generations.

With little fan service nods the story sees Cochrane working to escape Thosen who is in pursuit of him for knowledge he believes the scientist holds. The adventure spans the generations, and honestly, works a little better than the Generations film.

And with a little adjusting of timelines, this story could actually fit into the established canon.

It reads excitingly and entertainingly, sliding between the 23rd and 24th centuries with ease, and the characters feel true to themselves.

Things race to a climax in and around a spatial singularity, a black hole, which allows both Enterprises and their crews to occupy the same space-time, and there are some wonderful moments that spring from this story.

All this time, I’ve been reading The Original Series novels, and haven’t dived into any of The Next Generation stuff – that may or may not happen – but I do like how the authors handle the events, and the characters. It all fits together, and the story ends up being as epic as you would want for a crossover.

I know I had this book when it first came out, I honestly don’t remember if I read it or not, I know I certainly didn’t catch all the references that I was able to catch this time around. Does that make me a better fan now than what I was despite how much I have always loved the Trek universe?

It’s a moot point. This was a great one, and I greatly enjoyed it, the more I got into it, the more the story raced along to a perfect conclusion that satisfied me greatly. And there are so many more stories to come as the Human Adventure continues.

This one may end up being one of my favourites of the series, and even if you don’t generally enjoy Trek books, but are a fan, this is one to add to the reading list. I quite enjoy how the Reeves-Stevens create and tell their tales, ensuring they are woven into a very recognisable fabric – the realm of Star Trek!

Boldy go!

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