Chuck (2012) – Versus the Kept Man, Versus Bo

Gertrude Verbanski (Carrie-Anne Moss) returns to court Casey (Adam Baldwin) in this episode while Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) worries she’s pregnant, Chuck (Zachary Levi) worries about Carmicheal Industries, and Lester (Vik Sahay) and Jeff (Scott Krinsky) begin their own investigation into the strange happenings in the BuyMore.

Chuck Versus the Kept Man was written by Craig DiGregorio and Phil Klemmer and first debuted on 6 January, 2012. With the end of the series in sight, the creators have to start laying the ground work for the characters lives after the series, and while Verbanski shows up to offer Carmicheal Industries a cushy assignment, mainly to keep John Casey near her, the characters are beginning to wonder if there’s something more they should be doing than spying… especially if they plan to have children someday.

Lester and Jeff, meanwhile, are increasingly suspicious of the things that seem to be happening around the BuyMore and have come to believe that it is the base of operations for a group of spies (how right they are!) but Morgan (Joshua Gomez) works to throw them off the scent by using Awesome (Ryan McPartlin).

It’s a fun episode that sees Chuck and Sarah realising that they really do need to figure out what they are going to do with their lives, and Casey is trying to sort out his feelings for Verbanski and what that may mean for his future, as well as that of his daughter, Alex (Mekenna Melvin).

I can’t believe we’re closing in on the end of the series, four episodes to go!

Chuck Versus Bo was written by Kristin Newman and debuted on 13 January, 2012. When Morgan gets a package sent to him, he finds his cellphone from his frosted tips period, and the reveal that there is another pair of intersect glasses out there.

The team, who had decided to step away from the spy business curses themselves by saying ‘one last mission,’ and try to track down Morgan’s path, and the glasses from the information in the message.

Meanwhile, Jeff and Lester continue their hunt for the truth about their fellow BuyMore employees, and despite being set up a number of times, refuse to fall for it.

When Chuck and company arrive at their location they discover the package was sent by none other than Bo Derek, and they learn that Morgan is huge in this town (and he apparently rocked her world). There is information aplenty to be found and a betrayal in the offing as Nicholas Quinn (Angus Macfadyen) arrives and reveals that he was supposed to be the original recipient of the intersect glasses, but instead he was captured and tortured, and is now set on revenge…

When Chuck is grabbed, and things seem to be going wrong in a huge way, we are left with a cliffhanger as Sarah dons the glasses and downloads the intersect into her head – despite the fact that we know this is going to cause problems with her mind, including memory loss!

Great stuff, and so much damned fun!

What will happen, how will the series end? There are three episodes left and we tackle them next week… one last mission with Chuck.

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