Chuck (2011) – Versus the Santa Suit, and Versus the Baby

The Omen Virus has been released, someone is breaking out of prison, and Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) is trying to throw together a perfect Xmas party and celebration for Baby Clara’s first Christmas in Chuck Versus the Santa Suit, which was written by Amanda Kate Shuman and first aired on 23 December, 2011.

We learn pretty quick that Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) are going to be in trouble, because not only is the virus out there, something that Morgan (Joshua Gomez) recruits the BuyMore Nerd Herd to figure out, but the prison escapee is Daniel Shaw (Brandon Routh) who is set on revenge on the pair of them.

He captures Sarah in Castle, and orders Chuck to break into the CIA for a much needed piece of tech (which Chuck does, with the aid of General Beckman (Bonita Friedericy), he has a plan to upgrade his own intersect, and kill Chuck while Sarah watches (revenge for her killing his wife during her early training).

Casey (Adam Baldwin) and Morgan do their best to help out, but Casey is shot and injured and wonders if he’ll ever see his daughter, Alex (Mekenna Melvin) again… leading him to a realisation about his daughter.

Meanwhile, Ellie and Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) attempt to tackle all the plans they have for Clara’s first Christmas, which is about to be interrupted by Shaw.

There’s a lot of fun stuff happening in this episode (and a fun appearance by Stan Lee), and the ending of the episode leaves us with yet another cliffhanger as we are left to puzzle over what happened in Hungary, and what Shaw means by ‘the baby,’ and whether Chuck knows about it.

Six episodes to go…

Chuck Versus the Baby was penned by Rafe Judkins and Lauren LeFranc, it first aired on 30 December, 2011, and gives us a Sarah story that explores ‘the baby’ that Shaw alluded to at the end of the previous episode. It also sees Morgan trying to work things out with Alex, with some help from Awesome and Ellie.

It seems on one of her early missions, Sarah’s handler, Kieran Ryker (Tim DeKay), had a plan of his own to walk away with a huge chunk of change, all he had to do was make sure the legitimate heir, a baby at the time, never survived – and he sent Sarah to take care of it.

She reveals all of these things to Chuck, even as they debate an offer from Beckman to rejoin the CIA, and purchase their dream house.

But, of course, Sarah didn’t kill the child, nor would she allow her to be killed. She turned, instead, to her mother, Emma (Cheryl Ladd) for help. And now, as the story plays out, and Ryker is finally stopped, we learn that Sarah has an adopted sister, the baby… now a little girl.

A fun little episode, that fills out Sarah even more, and truly continues to invest us in the characters.

In fact, everything comes out happily at the end of the episode, which of course means there’s a shoe to drop yet before the end of the season. And will Shaw be behind it? With only two more posts before the end of the series, we’ll soon find out as we continue our spycraft with Chuck!

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