The X-Files (1995) – The Calusari, and F. Emasculata

The Calusari gives us another riff on the Bad Seed trope, using that as a partial red herring before the story goes in a more paranormal direction.

First airing on 14 April, 1995, the episode was written by Sara B. Cooper and pulls Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) into the strange death of a child that points at a supernatural possibility, a cult, and perhaps the actions of one little boy, Charlie (Joel Palmer).

As the duo investigate, and consult with Charles Burks (Bill Dow) who would go on to make a few appearances throughout the series, though Dow himself would show up a few more times as character other than Burks.

As the pair investigate, Scully believes there is a case of Munchausen by Proxy at effect, while Mulder believes there may be something more at work, especially when they learn that Charlie had an stillborn twin.

The Calusari, a religious sect, that carries on the Old World traditions from which the mother, Maggie (Helen Clarkson) and her mother, Golda (Lilyan Chauvin) come from, and which Golda still believes, comes in to help and separate the entangled spirits.

It’s a suitably spooky episode, culminating in an exorcism where Mulder makes the mistake of looking at the being, and then being warned that it nows him now. There are some unnerving moments throughout, as well as a reminder to the general public what the swastika’s original meaning was before it was corrupted by the Nazis.

The episode is a solid, well-produced standard fare entry into the series but its the chemistry between the two leads that really makes the episode shine.

F. Emasculata was written by series creator Chris Carter and Howard Gordon, it first aired on 28 April, 1995.

Exploding pustules, a visit with CSM (William B. Davis) and a dangerous outbreak. And while not necessarily a mythology arc episode it does tie in to it by pushing it along with a warning from Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) that this is just the beginning, and that the investigative team of Mulder and Scully need to be cautious.

When a package arrives in a prison, those who sent it believe that hey have a secure testing facility for a virus that was found deep in South America. An incredibly lethal virus.

Unfortunately, a pair of prisoners escape, so Mulder finds himself joining the manhunt, while Scully investigates at the prison, and through a fellow doctor (played by Charles Martin Smith) learns what is going on.

It’s a spooky episode because of the actual possibility of such a thing happening, and in the time we’re living is it so extreme? But that won’t stop me looking and believing, because the truth is out there!

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