Eddie Murphy’s Terrific Tuesday!

While theatre-going may be a temporary thing of the past, Paramount Canada wants to remind you of the sheer comedic talent of Eddie Murphy as the release date for his much anticipated Coming to America 2 draws closer (it’s slated currently for March).

To celebrate, and to provide you with the perfect gifts for fans (including yourself) in the holiday season, Paramount Pictures has polished up some of Eddie’s classic films to 4K, and released one for the first time on blu-ray.

It should come as no surprise that one of the titles is a remastered 4K version of Coming to America. Available in a sleeve or steelbook this classic offering sees Murphy paired with Arsenio Hall as a prince coming to America to find the love of his life. Hilarity ensues.

With a restoration overseen by director John Landis, the film looks sharp and colourful, fairly leaping off the screen. It also comes loaded with all the previously released special features. Perfectly designed to get you geared up for the second film.

The other film that gets the 4K upgrade is the 1984 classic, Beverly Hills Cop. This movie was so essential to my youth that it has always had a pride of place in my collection, and I was more than eager to add a 4K version to my collection. Filled with great music (the soundtrack remains one of my favourites) the upgraded 4K comes pre-loaded with all the previously released extra features as Murphy plays Detroit cop, Axel Foley, who heads to Beverly Hills to find a friend’s killer.

I love this one so much! This one is going into high rotation on my playlist. And I will crank the sound system every time.

John Landis also delivers the classic 80s comedy, Trading Places that paired Murphy with Dan Aykroyd, the pair are pawns in a game concocted by The Duke Brothers (Don Ameche and Ralph Bellamy) that sees the rich Louis (Aykroyd) changing places with Billy Ray (Murphy) to see who could survive should their financial circumstances be reversed. Hilariously funny, and the film features a fantastic comic turn by Jamie Lee Curtis. The updated blu-ray comes loaded with the previously released extras as well as a new Filmmaker Focus with Landis, and access to a 4K digital copy of the film, which Landis oversaw.

Finally, the one that I have been most excited to add to my collection. I’ve been waiting on a blu-ray for this one forever, and having rewatched the film recently online just reminded me how much I love it (I’m still hunting for a copy of the soundtrack on vinyl), 1986’s The Golden Child!

A nicely cleaned up picture, showcases Murphy’s comedic style tinged with supernatural action as he is on a mission to find, and protect the Golden Child from the demonic forces that are arrayed against him. It’s fun, has great effects, feels like it fits in the same universe as Big Trouble in Little China (cross-over anyone?), as a teen I couldn’t get enough of this one, and that’s something that continues to the day.

It comes kitted out with access to a digital copy, and a too short (although I probably wouldn’t have been happy with a feature length doc) featurette about the making of the film. This one is going into high rotation right behind Beverly Hills Cop!!

So today, Paramount makes sure that there’s something for every Eddie Murphy fan, with these fantastic films that show why the comedian really was at the height of his game in the 80s.

Stuff some stockings, fill out collections, and pick them all up today from Paramount Pictures. Bring Eddie home!

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