Star Trek: From the Depths (1993) – Victor Milan

Space, the final frontier…

Like I said in previous posts, they aren’t all going to be winners, and this one was disappointing from the off for me. Set during the Enterprise’s original five year mission, the crew find themselves enmeshed in conflict with the Klingons once again.

An ex-Federation colony on the water world of Okeanos needs help, as they seem on the verge of coming into conflict with the locals. They’ve reached out for assistance, and Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise draw the mission.

When they arrive the locals have advisers as well, the Klingons. There’s a girl, some underwritten supporting characters, and some too easily predictable behaviour for our heroes, in fact it’s jarringly so.

This is a Trek adventure that was slog to get through, and I had misgivings about from the prologue. I couldn’t see it in my head, it didn’t feel like Trek to me at all, and there was no way into the story for me.

I get that it has to happen every now and then, and not all Trek is going to appeal to all people all the time (heck we’ve seen that with some of the series), but I do so enjoy a good Trek novel and it’s just a bit of a downer that I didn’t even enjoy it a little. I thought we’d left the truly trying Trek stories behind.

Having said that, I take refuge in the knowledge that there are more titles to come, countless adventures and explorations of the unknown, and I bet there will be more that I enjoy than I don’t.

Beyond that, there isn’t much more to say about this novel. I know there will be some who enjoyed this one, and I don’t want to detract from their experience, but this one, for me, wasn’t enough.

But still, the Human Adventure continues, and I will continue to boldly go…

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