Chuck (2010) – Versus the Anniversary, and Versus the Suitcase

Season four of Chuck (Zachary Levi) got underway on 20 September, 2010, with Chuck Versus the Anniversary written by one of the series creator’s Chris Fedak, and was directed by Robert Duncan McNeill (who worked with one of the guest stars in Masters of the Universe)

Chuck attempts to keep his promise to Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) – who reveals a secret of her own – not to be a spy, but recruits Morgan (Joshua Gomez) to help track down his mother, Mary Bartowski (Linda Hamilton).

Meanwhile Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and Casey (Adam Baldwin) are still working with the government, and soon, so is Chuck when Beckman (Bonita Friedericy) sabotages all of his potential job interviews, causing him to end up at the newly rebuilt and refurbished BuyMore (which is now a cover for a CIA base).

Morgan and Chuck end up in Moscow, trailing a lead, while Sarah and Casey end up in the same place on their mission, all of it tying into a company that Marco (Dolph Lundrgen) is involved in (and so apparently is Chuck’s mom).

Harry Dean Stanton makes an appearance as a repo man, a nod to his role in the cult film of the same name, and Olivia Munn turns in an appearance as Greta (who will be played by a different actor each time she appears).

It’s a fun episode, and a great welcome back to the series, has a great number of guest stars, and fun moments, including the idea of Chuck and Sarah sexting with a little help from Morgan.

Chuck Versus the Suitcase was written by Rafe Judkins and Lauren LeFranc, and first aired on 27 September, 2010.

Chuck and Sarah head off to Milan for Fashion Week, in an attempt to track down a high tech weapon in the hands of Sofia Stepanova (Karolina Kurkova), and her love lorn bodyguard played by Lou Ferrigno.

Back in Burbank the new BuyMore seems a little too efficient, so Morgan convinces Beckman to let him bring it down a little, which entails hiring all the old staff including Jeff (Scott Krinsky) and Lester (Vik Sahay). Consequently Beckman delivers Morgan a surprise.

On the home front, Casey is having a hard time settling into Burbank, and Morgan suggests he reach out to his daughter. In the Bartowski household, Chuck and Sarah are having some issues, as they have lived together for eight months, and she still hasn’t unpacked.

What does that mean for Chuck? The two of them work it out together, even as battles and fisticuffs happen around them, and they get things sorted. But will their lives reflect those of Ellie And Awesome’s (Ryan McPartlin). Sarah calls Chuck her home, but she may not be ready for more than that…

There’s a great guest appearance by Bronson Pinchot, and though he has no dialogue, it’s a priceless moment.

More spycraft next week with Chuck…

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