The X-Files (1993) – Space, and Fallen Angel

Series creator Chris Carter gives us what is arguably not only the worst episode of the first season, but the entire series in the first entry this week. The episode, Space, first aired on 12 November, 1993, and sees Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) investigating a sabotaged space shuttle mission.

Surprise, surprise, Mulder thinks it was aliens. Specifically an alien spirit that has possessed former Gemini astronaut, Col.Marcus Aurelius Belt (Ed Lauter).


So the duo are off to Houston to investigate in what is not only the worst episode of the series, but the most expensive of season one, even with the use of stock footage, the episode had cost overruns on its set construction for the flight centre, which was to be the centre of the bottle show.

I was also a little bothered by the episode trying to use the alleged ‘face on mars’ structure as the face of the ‘alien.’ I’ve found the possible Cydonia artefacts incredibly fascinating, and think they needed better exploration in the series.

Instead the series goes way too far, and the story just plays out badly, as we are thrown the subject of not only aliens, but ghosts and possession as well. That seems like a little much for one episode.

Tom McBeath makes his first of three appearances in the series, all as different characters.

And while not a solid episode, Mulder’s reaction to meeting Belt, is fun, and its cool to see Mulder excited and geeky about something not paranormal.

Fallen Angel gets the series back on pace, and is one of my faves from the first season. Written by Howard Gordan and Alex Gansa, this episode first aired on 19 November, 1993.

This is the first episode that may have repercussions for Mulder’s work on the X-files themselves, when Mulder investigates a possible UFO crash that the government is working to cover up.

With a tip off from Deep Throat (Jerry Hardin), Mulder is off to Wisconsin and infiltrates a cordoned area, and is promptly caught. While being held, and waiting for Scully to come get him, he meets Max Fenig (Scott Bellis) an amateur UFO investigator, and possible abductee.

This violation forces a conduct hearing for Mulder, jeopardising his work, and may mean worse for Max. As there may not only be a crash, but perhaps something walked away from it and is still out there. Can Mulder find it and Max before the government covers everything up?

Marshall Bell guest stars as Colonel Calvin Henderson, and the episode reminds us openly, for the first time, to ‘trust no one’ and that may include Deep Throat, himself.

The casework continues Thursday when I investigate more X-files because the truth is out there…

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