Chuck (2010) – Versus the American Hero, and Versus the Other Guy

Everyone seems to be working together to make sure Chuck (Zachary Levi) selects Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) to join him on a mission in Chuck Versus the American Hero.

Written by Matt Miller and Phil Klemmer from a story by Max Denby, this episode first debuted on 29 March, 2010.

There’s a lot going on in this episode, Chuck is about to take on his new role, undercover in Rome, and is in the process of selecting his team. Sarah, however, believes that Chuck isn’t the man she fell for, because he completed his red test, which included killing someone.

Chuck can’t reveal that it was actually Casey (Adam Baldwin) as that would betray Casey and prove that Chuck did not complete the test.

Awesome (Ryan McPartlin), Morgan (Joshua Gomez) and Casey all work together to make sure Sarah pairs up with Chuck but she’s set on her belief that Chuck is now a killer. And she plans to go with Shaw (Brandon Routh). But Shaw is embroiled in a plan to stop The Ring and it’s director (Mark Sheppard), but may be tempted to defect instead!

On the home front, Awesome and Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) may have the opportunity to work with Doctors Without Borders.

And we are delivered a stunning reveal, one that may push Shaw into The Ring… Sarah killed Shaw’s wife for her red test. So as Chuck goes to rescue him, there may be no way to save him, and this introduces a new spin to the series. The episode ends with Chuck asking Sarah to run with him in an echo of the request she made at the close of the second season. But Shaw grabs her first.

Roger Cross shows up! Yay!

Chuck Versus the Other Guy was written by one of the series creator’s Chris Fedak and first aired on 5 April, 2010.

Morgan debates quitting the BuyMore (he thinks he’s going to be a spy) while Shaw to go after his wife’s killer, which he and Chuck believe was Sarah. We also know that now,Sarah knows Chuck didn’t complete his red test, because Casey killed his target for him.

So is Shaw guiding Sarah into a trap to exact revenge? Or does he see that she was only following orders and was manipulated into killing Shaw’s wife to become a spy? Or is there some other plan at work?

Beckman (Bonita Friedricy) is less than impressed with Chuck’s behaviour and cancels his transfer to Rome, and Shaw and Sarah head to Paris to bring down The Ring.

How is Chuck going to win her back? Or maybe he won’t have to, because they have a wonderfully tender moment, after ruining a Pretty In Pink song for Morgan forever, and they admit they love one another.

So off they go… to save the day! But we get a huge reveal that Shaw is working with The Ring… that Morgan is the one to figure out! And he helps recruit Casey back on the team, and also earns his own official position as they all head out to rescue Sarah in Paris (letting Chuck realise a lifelong dream of going to France)! But he also claims a life for the first time.

More Chuck next week, but we leave Chuck and Sarah this week truly dating for the first time.

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