Star Wars: Rebels (2016) – The Protector of Concord Dawn, Legends of the Lasat, and The Call

The rebels are looking for hyperspace routes that will allow them to elude Imperial patrols in the first episode this week, The Protector of the Concord Dawn. Written by Henry Gilroy and Kevin Hopps this episode first debuted on 27 January, 2016.

They’ve found a shortcut, but they have to get the permission of the leader of a nearby planetary system to use it. And they’re Mandalorian, like Ghost crew member, Sabine (Tiya Sircar).

So Hera (Vanessa Marshall) and Sabine set out to negotiate with the Mandalorians, led by Fenn Rau (Kevin McKidd). But when they are brutally rebuffed in a starfighter attack, leaving Hera critically injured, the rebels learn that these Mandalorians may be aligned with the Empire.

Kanan (Freddie Prinze jr.), Sabine and the ship’s droid, Chopper, lead an assault to destroy the Mandalorians attack craft, or perhaps create a peace, and negotiate an agreement between their forces.

We learn that Sabine’s family used to be affiliated with Death Watch, which makes them enemies of the Protectors, and allows her to challenge Rau to combat, while executing Kanan’s plan. But she doesn’t plan to kill him, and if Kanan and Sabine can get through to him, Rau may prove a strong ally.

This is a great episode that ties in this series more strongly with the already established Star Wars Universe, and specifically with The Clone Wars. Sure we’ve had characters reappear, but now, Sabine is tied with an organisation that was a viable threat to the Jedi and the Republic in the midst of the Clone Wars.

It’s a cool touch.


Legends of the Lasat was written by Matt Michnovetz and first debuted on 3 February, 2018, and serves to expand on Zeb (Steve Blum) a bit.

The rebels rescue some Lasat refugees, the same species as the stubborn, and funny crew member of the Ghost, Zeb. Together, they and the crew must elude the Imperials, while transporting that Lasat to what may just be a myth from one of their prophecies, their new home world.

The episode puts the characters of the crew to use in a great way, even as we learn about Lasat culture, and Zeb’s history. There’s a mystical feel to the story, which works within the universe, and it lets us see the characters in a new way,

As the Ghost races towards the Lasats’ new home, they are pursued by Kallus (David Oyelowo) and Hondo (Jim Cummings), who sold them out and also helped them – depends on which way the wind is blowing and whose company he’s keeping.

Kevin Kiner’s score while still referencing familiar cues throughout the series, is exemplary here, leaning away from the usual orchestral fanfare that is the hallmark of the universe to a more mystical feeling sound, which perfectly supports the narrative.


The Call was written by Bill Wolkoff and first aired on 10 February, 2016.

Ezra’s (Taylor Gray) connection to living beings is used in this episode that sees the rebel crew on a mission to get fuel for the fleet and coming to the aid of some space-faring creatures whose lives are threatened by the mining operation, overseen by the Mining Guild, that digs it up.

And while this is an episode with an important message about the beings we share the universe with, it still works and entertains, and has no shortage of blasters and lightsabers as our heroes race against the clock to not only refuel the Ghost but get away with a large shipment of it as well.

It moves quick, fast, and shows that each Jedi, or Padawan, has their own unique talent, and Ezra’s is very much about connecting with other lifeforms, and these space-faring beasts are pretty cool…

More adventures in a galaxy far, far away next week as I continue to explore Star Wars: Rebels. May the Force be with you…


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