Chuck (2010) – Versus the Nacho Sampler, and Versus the Mask

Chuck (Zachary Levi) has lots on his plate this week, as he trains a new Nerd Herder, Hannah (Kristin Kreuk) in Chuck Versus the Nacho Sampler. Written by Matthew Miller and Scott Rosenbaum, this episode first debuted on 1 February, 2010.

With stuff going on at the BuyMore, Chuck also has his spycraft, he has to handle an asset, Manoosh Depak (Fahim Anwar) with connections to The Ring, and on the home front, Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) is having problems keeping Chuck’s secret from Ellie (Sarah Lancaster). Course, it doesn’t help that Awesome can’t lie to save his life.

Chuck’s training of Hannah keeps getting interrupted by mission briefings by Casey (Adam Baldwin) and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski), and poor Morgan (Joshua Gomez) has an immediate crush on her.

With Chuck developing Manoosh, he gets a look at how Sarah had to initially develop Chuck, three years ago, including the fact that he may have to hang Manoosh out to dry with The Ring. It also means he continues to have to lie to Ellie about his work, and the things that are going on in his life.

Manoosh has been developing something for The Ring, and it’s the team’s job to discover and recover, but too late they realise that it’s a variation of the Intersect, which Manoosh has used on himself.

Chuck does everything he’s supposed to, something that Casey admires, and Sarah is a little bothered to see affecting and changing him. And Morgan begins to realise Chuck is keeping secrets from him, and Ellie and he decide to try to figure out what is going on.

There’s a nod to Stripes in terms of pop culture references, amongst the usual nods to fun things that the show wraps itself in, including Galactica and the iconic graphic novel, Y: The Last Man.


Chuck Versus the Mask was written by Phil Klemmer and first aired on 8 February, 2010.

Shaw (Brandon Routh) returns and sends Chuck, with Hannah, on a mission, while he gets to go on a mission with Sarah. Meanwhile, using Jeff (Scott Krinsky) and Lester (Vik Sahay), Morgan and Ellie work to dig into the secrets Chuck is keeping.

And Hannah after a couple of episodes of dancing around it, makes her move on Chuck, and there is some real chemistry there, which is really nice to see.

Of course, that is going to cause some problems with Sarah and Chuck, and despite how good you think Hannah and Chuck are going to be, you know that Sarah and Chuck have to end up together… somehow. Complications are going to cause all manner of problems for Chuck, and his personal and professional lives, especially with the potential for something between Shaw and Sarah.

Kreuk is great in her role, with an earnestness that is a delight, and plays nicely off of the rest of the characters who are used to Chuck’s world. It’s going to be really sad to see her go, because we know she has to at some point.

More season three spycraft next week as I continue enjoying Chuck!


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