Chuck (2009) – Versus the Broken Heart, and Versus the Dream Job

Ali Adler pens the first episode up this week, Chuck Versus the Broken Heart. It first aired on 30 March, 2009.

General Beckman (Bonita Friedericy) begins to think that Chuck’s (Zachary Levi) feelings for Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) are complicating their ongoing mission, and the team’s protection of him.

So she implements a 49B, and sends another agent in, Alex Forrest (Tricia Helfer using a familiar name from Fatal Attraction) to assess Sarah’s performance. Forrest and Casey (Adam Baldwin) are on the same wavelength, and Sarah is ordered by Beckman to leave the team and Forrest is his Chuck’s new handler.

That’s not going to play out very well.

Meanwhile, at the BuyMore, Morgan (Joshua Gomez), Lester (Vik Sahay) and Jeff (Scott Krinsky) are trying to figure out a way to get into Awesome’s (Ryan McPartlin) bachelor party, to which they haven’t been invited.

And all of it gets tied together, because they need to access a part of the hospital that Awesome has a card key for. And through it all Chuck is still trying to locate his father to he can be there for Awesome and Ellie’s (Sarah Lancaster) wedding. Sarah runs a last search for him before she leaves.

It comes to a heartbreaking climax for Ellie when she sees photos from the party, which paint Awesome in a bad way. The team’s plan goes sideways when terrorists grab Chuck, believing him to be Awesome. But it allows Sarah to show how essential her relationship with Chuck is, even when they are apart they are able to work together.

Not only is there a reference to Fatal Attraction, but some small ones to the classic comedy, Spies Like Us, and the Battlestar Galactica reboot in which Helfer had a starring role.

The episode ends with the reveal of Chuck’s father to Chuck and Sarah, and leaving the audience hanging until the next episode.


Chuck Versus the Dream Job was directed by Robert Duncan McNeill, written by Phil Klemmer, and Corey Nickerson. It first aired on 6 April, 2009.

We find that Chuck’s dad is Steve Bartowski (Scott Bakula – who gets off a Quantum Leap reference) and Chuck gets himself a dream job working for one of his heroes, Ted Roark (Chevy Chase – is that really a surprise considering all the Spies Like Us references?) and Vincent (Arnold Vosloo) makes another appearance.

The job isn’t everything Chuck thought it would be and his dad may be more than he thought…

And how will Ellie deal with her father coming back, and how will that play out for her emotionally, and for the wedding? And what happens when Chuck flashes on some information his father shares? And how does Roark tie in with Fulcrum? And is Chuck’s father Orion, Chuck’s mysterious contact?

And holy crap, the sacrifice his dad makes to save Chuck’s life! Will Steve Bartowski return? Will he be freed from Fulcrum’s clutches?

More fun and spycraft nest week with more Chuck!




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