Star Wars: Rebels (2014) – Out of Darkness, Empire Day, and Gathering Forces

Kevin Hopps pens the first episode this week that takes us back to a galaxy far, far away and lets Hera (Vanessa Marshall) and Sabine (Tiya Sircar) have the spotlight as the pair go on a supply run in this episode that first aired on 3 November, 2014.

We get mentions of Fulcrum, as repairs are made to the Phantom, and Sabine is intent on knowing who Fulcrum is and why their intel seems to be getting them into trouble lately. She joins the run to meet Fulcrum, but the repairs, conducted by Ezra (Taylor Gray) and Zeb (Steve Blum) didn’t take.

This causes the pair to have to set down on a remote seemingly abandoned base, Fort Anaxes, but there is something else there… something that doesn’t like sunlight, and as darkness draws near, repairs need to be effected, and effective, so the pair can escape.

The episode shows that despite the fact that the crew work together, there is still some conflict between them as they argue over lack of trust, and knowledge. Sabine, apparently, had gone to the Imperial Academy and left it after intel and information weren’t shared to her liking, and I’m sure the general behaviour of Imperials as well.


Empire Day first aired on 10 November, 2014 and was written by Henry Gilroy.

It’s Ezra’s fifteenth birthday, as well as Empire Day, and the team plan to disrupt the festivities by blowing up a prototype TIE fighter before it can go into production. During the course of the plan, they learn that the Imperials are looking for a Rodian named Tseebo (Peter MacNicol) who has important information and needs to get off planet before the Empire can grab him.

Tseebo has some problems, however, because of a cybernetic implant, and that’s where the information he’s carrying comes into play.

Gall Trayvis (Brent Spiner) continues his illegal broadcasts, Ezra visits his old home and recalls his parents, Kallus (David Oyelowo) and the Inquisitor (Jason Isaacs) arrive to cause more problems. There is a lot going on in this episode, as the overall arc of the series is pushed forward while embracing the Star Wars style of rapid storytelling.

Continuity sees The Imperial March making an in-world appearance, changed from a minor key to a happier major key to great effect as well as Ezra’s training continuing as he learns to connect with others through the Force.

We re delivered a cliffhanger that sees the Ghost being pursued by the Inquisitor in the new TIE, and Tseebo telling Ezra he knows what happened to his parents…


The third episode this week, Gathering Forces, was written by Greg Weisman and first debuted on 17 November, 2014.

Kanan and Ezra draw the Imperial forces after them, to distract the Empire from its pursuit of Tseebo.

The relationship between Tseebo and Ezra is complicated because Ezra blames him for the loss of his parents, despite the fact the Rodian could do nothing against the Empire. It’s a layered touch that adds depth to the character and the series.

To lead the Imperials away from the Ghost, which they tagged with a tracker, Ezra and Kanan head to Fort Anaxes and lead the Inquisitor there where everyone has to deal with the light-fearing creatures, who are much more aggressive in the dark.

All of this leads to a showdown between the Inquisitor and the duo. Lightsabers clash, and Ezra must open himself up to more of the Force to save them. But will it cause him to dip into the Dark Side?

The excitement continues next week with another trio of episodes from Star Wars: Rebels. May the Force be with you…


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