Star Trek: Enterprise (2005) – In a Mirror, Darkly Part II, and Demons

Captain’s log: 18 January, 2155

The mirror universe two-parter comes to a conclusion this week in an episode written by Micheal Sussman from a story by Manny Coto. It first debuted (with its altered opening credits sequence) on 29 April, 2005.

Archer (Scott Bakula) has seized control of the U.S.S. Defiant from the Prime Universe, and plans to use it to cement the power of not only the Terran Empire, but his own, as he sets his sights on the role of Emperor.

Unfortunately there is trouble aboard ship, not just from threats from within his own crew, but from a stowaway Gorn as well. It’s cool to see the Gorn represented in Enterprise. Unfortunately, they just look so computer generated that you can’t help but think that the stiff, slow-moving suit used in The Original Series looked better. Having said that, it is cool how the design has been updated, and how they have a truly reptilian feel to them.

Archer’s plans are all ready to be foiled, not only by machinations by T’Pol (Jolene Blalock) and Soval (Gary Graham) but by members of his own human crew and his mind’s version of the Prime Universe Archer which haunts him, and taunts him with the idea that he won’t amount to anything, not the way he did.

I loved these episodes, and showing how domineering and xenophobic the Terran Empire is sets up the final few episodes of the series nicely, though I am dreading watching the horrible series finale.

And the Hoshi (Linda Park) situation by the end of the episode is pretty damned cool.


Captain’s log: 19 January, 2155

LeVar Burton directs the opening part of the penultimate Enterprise story that was written by Manny Coto and first debuted on 6 May, 2005.

With the groundwork being laid for what will become the United Federation of Planets, a new organisation, Terra Prime, headed by John Frederick Paxton (Peter Weller) is on the rise. A xenophobic terrorist organisation, Archer and the crew first learn of him when a dying woman presents evidence to Archer and T’Pol of a child, a human-vulcan hybrid that is the offspring of T’Pol and Trip (Connor Trinneer).

Despite not knowing how this is possible, having never been pregnant, T’Pol somehow knows it is their child. While she and Trip go undercover at a moon mining colony to investigate, Terra Prime works its own spy aboard the Enterprise and Reed (Dominic Keating) has to reach out to Section 31 for assistance.

There is a lot going on in this episode from the nods to future history (Colonel Green shows up) to tying up story threads before the end of the series. Despite that, the episode feels solidly balanced without a wasted breath of narrative, and a stunning cliffhanger that sees Paxton capturing T’Pol and Trip, seizing control of a base on Mars that destroys comets that threaten the system, and hold the system hostage with the threat of destruction unless all non-human life vacate the system immediately!

The Human Adventure continues Thursday as we come to the final instalment of Star Trek: Enterprise, and my exploration of The Complete Series on blu-ray, now available from Paramount Canada, comes to its conclusion.

Boldly go…

paxtion terra prime

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