Chuck (2007) – Versus the Imported Hard Salami, and Versus the Nemesis

Chuck (Zachary Levi) starts a new relationship with Lou (Rachel Bilson) after he and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) ‘break-up’ their cover relationship, but love comes into conflict with duty in the first episode up this week.

Chuck Versus the Imported Salami was written by Scott Rosenbaum and Matthew Miller and first debuted on 19 November, 2007.

Problems arise for Chuck when he flashes on Lou’s ex, Stavros (Theo Alexander), he’s an extremely rich playboy, who along with his father (John Kapelos) works as a smuggler, and they have something arriving in Los Angeles that is time-sensitive and may be a national threat. Or maybe it’s something else that is going to cause a huge problem for Lou and Chuck.

Meanwhile, now that Sarah and Chuck ‘broke-up’, Lester (Vik Sahay) takes a swing at her, and she completely devastates him. And Jeff (Scott Krinsky) says he has designs on Anna (Julia Ling), but she prefers Morgan (Joshua Gomez).

There’s a lot going on emotion and personal-wise and of course the threat that Stavros presents for this episode.

The episode gets a few pop culture nods, as always, including some to Titanic and Jerry Maguire, and a subtle one to From Russia With Love.

It’s a fun episode, and it’s nice to see that Sarah is beginning to realise how much she actually cares for Chuck, and how much Chuck’s professional life interferes with his personal one.  Especially when Sarah and Chuck share a passionate liplock when they think they are about to be blown up.

Of course, that kind of works, because apparently the relationship with Lou is over.  And we get the introduction of a new threat in Tommy (Anthony Ruivivar).


Chuck Versus the Nemesis was written by Chris Fedak, and first debuted on 26 November, 2007.

Chuck learns that Bryce (Matt Bomer) is alive, in fact he was in the supposed bomb that Stavros brought in during the previous episode. This throws Sarah into a bit of a tailspin because she has feelings for both Chuck and Bryce, but Bryce only wants to talk with Chuck.

According to Bryce, he never went rogue, he was just trying to keep the intersect away from those who are after it. Chuck and the rest of the team have to figure out what to do, and whether to help keep Bryce and Chuck safe from those who are hunting for them.

All of this causes a lot of emotional problems, personal and professional, for Chuck and Sarah. Course, it doesn’t help that Casey (Adam Baldwin) was the one who shot, and supposedly killed Bryce.

Meanwhile at the Bartowski household, Thanksgiving is nigh, and Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) is making a big meal for everyone. And despite the fact that Anna has been invited, she also knows that Morgan has a huge crush on Ellie.

The episode gives us our first mention of Fulcrum, who will pose a bigger threat in the near future.

And on fun notes, there is a nod to Casablanca, Bryce and Chuck speak Klingon, but is Sarah leaving, to be with Bryce? The reference to Casablanca should let you know which character he is, and how things will play out…

More love, laughter, pop culture and spywork next week when I dive into a couple more episodes of Chuck!



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