Chuck (2007) – Versus the Tango, and Versus the Wookie

Matthew Miller throws Chuck (Zachary Levi) into a whole new mess this week as Chuck Versus the Tango is the first episode up on the blog. With an original airdate of 8 October, 2007, Miller’s story finds Chuck working to prove he’s assistant manager material at the Buy More, while also dealing with a stolen piece of art which could lead to an arms dealer.

Chuck and Big Mike (Mark Christopher Lawrence) have a chat about the assistant manager position, and to do so he and the rest of the Nerd Herd are supposed to work on a bunch of computers that need to be repaired.

Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) arrives to tell him he has his first mission, while they also work on their cover of being a couple, while they attend an art exhibit to track down the arms dealer.

To make sure his cover is secure, he needs to learn how to tango, and in a great sequence he turns to his sister Ellie (Sarah Lancaster), but it’s Captain Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) who shows him.

Meanwhile Morgan (Joshua Gomez) and the Nerd Herd are covering for Chuck, as they think he is out on a big date with Sarah.

There are great moments for the rest of the cast, and some wonderful pop culture references, including one to The Dark Crystal. And of course, Chuck dances the tango with the arms dealer, La Ciudad (Lorena Bernal) while Sarah and Casey (Adam Baldwin) clash with the MI6.

And once again, the job gets too close to Chuck’s Buy More job, and his personal life. What is Chuck gonna do? And of course how do Chuck and Sarah figure out their developing feelings and cover?


Chuck Versus the Wookie was written by Ali Adler, and debuted on 15 October, 2007.

A fellow agent, Carina (Mini Anden) comes to Chuck and the team for aid, but Casey and Sarah are reticent to help out, but her mission to recover a gem from a drug lord ends up pulling the team in.

The pair try to show a solid front as a couple in front of friends and family, and they still try to figure out how they feel about one another in addition to their cover. Which leads to a discussion about Bryce Larkin – the guy who sent the intersect to Chuck, and also got him kicked out of Stanford, and stole his girl, and also had a relationship with Sarah – you just know that’s going to come back on them.

And it’s becoming very clear that Morgan is becoming a little jealous of the relationship (real or not) between Sarah and Chuck.  And this necessitates a double date between Morgan, Chuck, Sarah and Carina. But Carina has a plan of her own, and very much wants to steal the diamond, and find out all about Chuck, and make waves with the team.

All of this causes problems with the trust between Chuck and Sarah, and causes both of them more angst.

More pop culture references abound including Morgan’s bag, which is from the Tyrell Corporation, from Blade Runner. There’s more action, adventure, and lots of comedy next week, when I join Chuck for another couple of episodes.


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