Star Trek: Enterprise (2003) – Judgement, and Horizon

Captain’s log: date unknown

Archer (Scott Bakula) has some problems with the Klingons, who make a return appearance in this episode written by David A. Goodman from a story he developed with Taylor Elmore. It first aired on 9 April, 2003.

Archer is captured and told to stand trial by the Klingons. He is charged with helping rebels escape from the Empire. In other words, a group of people that asked the Enterprise for aid.

The tribunal area looks familiar for those of us who recall Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

There are also some familiar Klingon names tossed about through the course of the episode, including that of Duros. And as the case is presented we hear (and see) conflicting testimony, even as Archer convinces his legal counsel, Kolos (J.G. Hertzler who is best known for playing Martok on Deep Space Nine).

Kolos does fight for Archer, highlighting the Enterprise’s past encounters with the Klingons and Archer’s actions around and because of them. So, taking that into consideration, the death sentence is commuted, but Archer, and Kolos, both end up being sentenced to the dilithium mines of Rura Penthe – another familiar name and location.

In fact Archer’s furs look very familiar as well…

And of course, there’s a quick escape…

Still, I like a good court room episode, and this one fairly delivers, though so much of it seemed familiar, the sets, the result, the sentencing, that it’s almost difficult to see it as it’s own thing, and not compare it to The Undiscovered Country.

Having said that, it’s still quite a good episode.


Captain’s log: 10 January, 2153

Andre Bormanis pens this Travis Mayweather (Anthony Montgomery) episode that first aired on 16 April, 2003.

The Enterprise helmsman takes some time away from his assignment to come aboard the Horizon, his family’s freighter, and the place he was born and raised. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a joyous reunion is marred by the death of Travis’ father before he can join his family aboard the Horizon.

And that causes some problems with the rest of his family.

I like that Travis got his own episode to shine in, and he Montgomery works easily with what is given to him. And honestly it makes me want more episodes for him. It also gives us a look at what life is like for other people in the still blossoming realm of space exploration and the early days of Starfleet and the Federation.

In terms of continuity movie night continues with the original Frankenstein movie, and Trip (Connor Trinneer) invites T’Pol (Jolene Blalock) and Mayweather suggests that Starfleet create larger ships that can carry families with them on longer missions.

The Human Adventure continues next week when I delve into more season two episodes as I explore more of Star Trek: Enterprise – The Complete Series on blu-ray from Paramount Canada.

Boldly go…


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