Star Trek: Enterprise (2002) – Fallen Hero, and Desert Crossing

Captain’s log: 9 February, 2152

Supposedly on their way to Risa, the pleasure planet, the Enterprise gets a different mission that keeps shore leave a couple of episodes away. Written by Alan Cross from a story by Rick Berman, Brannon Braga, and Chris Black, this episode first aired on 8 May, 2002.

Archer (Scott Bakula) has received orders to retrieve and transport a Vulcan ambassador, V’Lar (Fionnula Flanagan), back to the Vulcan High Command. It seems during her time on the planet, Mazar she may have been guilty of criminal misconduct.

Putting the vacation off, the Enterprise undertakes the mission, only to be attacked by a Mazar ship that insists V’Lar return for more interrogation. And so begins a protracted chase sequence as the Enterprise races to a Vulcan rendezvous point pursued by a trio of Mazarite ships who are intent on taking her back, by force if necessary. This sees the Enterprise putting her warp five engines to the test.

T’Pol (Jolene Blalock) stands by the ambassador, and asks Archer to do the same, even though V’Lar is not what she or Archer expected. And the charges are explained by V’Lar’s revealing of her real mission to Archer.

And between you and me, I love Trip’s (Connor Trinneer) Aloha shirt.

I dig this episode because it shows how far the crew have come, and their ability to read one another, and work together has grown over the course of the first season, and it shows in this story.

And we get some nice space battle moments.


Captain’s log: 12 February, 2152

The journey to Risa picks up three days later, as the Enterprise continues its travels in this episode written by Andre Bormanis, from a story concocted by Berman, Braga and Bormanis. It debuted on 8 May, 2002, and features Clancy Brown in a guest role.

Archer and Trip find themselves in a bit of trouble when they are taken in by the friendship of Zobral (Brown) after they repair his ship. They are invited back to his planet, and treated as royalty in his desert encampment.

But shortly after their arrival planetside, Archer gets a message from the planet’s Chancellor, Trellit (Charles Dennis) that Zobral is more dangerous than he seems. Archer and Trip are determined to slip away from Zobral, when he seems reticent to let them leave, and they are forced to navigate the heat and dangers of the desert.

In terms of continuity we get a look at the light weather version of the Enterprise uniform (including sunglasses), and those darned ballcaps are back again.

The Human Adventure continues Thursday when I come to the conclusion of season one as I explore Star Trek: Enterprise – The Complete Series on blu-ray, now available from Paramount Canada.

Boldly go…


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