Moonlighting (1989) – Perfetc, and When Girls Collide

This week brings us the penultimate instalment of my Moonlighting exploration. It all wraps up, somehow, next week. But first let’s get through these two episodes.

Up first is Perfetc. Written by James Kramer, Chris Ruppenthal and Jerry Stahl from a story by Jeff Reno and Ron Osborn it debuted on 9 April, 1989.

David (Bruce Willis) and Maddie (Cybill Shepherd) are approached by Brock Ash (Tim Thomerson). He believes he is dying, and wants to cop to a twenty-five year old crime before he does. He claims to have robbed a museum, and if the Blue Moon Detective Agency can track down a guard who was working that night, he has details that will prove he did it.

Maddie is reticent to take the case, but, surprise, David is all for it. As they close in on proving Ash actually did commit the crime, he wants them to drop the case.

There’s a sense of banter to this episode that has really been missing of late (although it isn’t always with Maddie and David, they don’t share the screen as much as they used to), even when banter has shown up in previous episode it hasn’t been quite up to par. There are meta references with looks and dialogue directed to the camera, and there’s almost… almost… a sense of fun to the story. It’s not quite as fun as it used to be, but it’s still, recognisably Moonlighting.

Watch for an all too brief appearance by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa!


When Girls Collide aired on 16 April, 1989 and was written by Charles H. Eglee and Merrill Markoe. Dennis Dugan, Maddie’s husband from last season directs again.

Trouble arrives for Maddie when her cousin Annie (Virginia Madsen!) shows up in town, and hits it off with David. The pair are very into one another, and this upsets Maddie, not just because there’s a little jealousy going on there, but because Lorraine is married.

There are definite sparks though, and Maddie thinks this is just David’s way of staying in her emotional life, by having a fling with her cousin, but as the episode ends she sees that David is really taken with Annie, and she may have it all wrong.

I quite like this episode, it kind of brings back the relationship arc but with Maddie on the bad end of it this time, and realising she may care about David, but what if he is actually happy now without her?

Watch for a small guest appearance by Demi Moore, this as while the pair were married, so it’s a nice little moment. There’s also a meta moment when David is standing in front of a Die Hard poster.

Next week, the series comes to its conclusion as I dive into the last trio of episodes of Moonlighting.


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